SEVEN THOUSAND Donald Trump Supporters Take to the Streets of Peoria, Arizona in MAGA Parade

Donald Trump supporters paraded through the roadways west of Phoenix on Sunday, showing the strength of the President’s support in the crucial southwestern state.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is estimating that a massive seven thousand cars were in the pro-Trump caravan!

The paraders started on State Route 74, traveling into Peoria from the outskirts of the Phoenix metro area.

Imagery from the Arizona Department of Transportation revealed the great length of the caravan.

Mainstream media continues to contend that Arizona is a swing state that is set to permanently become Democrat. This assertion has been repeated for two decades, and yet has ceased to bear fruit in any Presidential election.

The state’s 11 electoral college votes could plausibly determine the outcome of the election, and the President is set to hold two ‘MAGA’ rallies in the state Wednesday, one in the West Valley and another in Bullhead City in northern Mohave County. Vice President Pence will rally in Tucson and Flagstaff on Friday.

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