Sex Criminal Harvey Weinstein ‘Miserable’ In Rikers Island Prison

Disgraced Hollywood mogul and convicted sex criminal Harvey Weinstein has reportedly been “miserable” since arriving at Rikers Island jail in New York City.

The former filmmaker is evidently having a difficult time adjusting to prison.

A Weinstein spokeswoman described the infamous sex fiend’s mental state when speaking to the New York Post.

Weinstein’s attorney’s are calling for the disgraced filmmaker to be given a light sentence for his convictions. Weinstein was found guilty of third-degree rape and criminal sex acts during his trial last month. He escaped a conviction on the most serious charge of first-degree rape.

After the conviction, he was diverted from Rikers to an area hospital on account of heart palpitations and chest pains. Weinstein was finally transferred to jail last week after receiving a stent in his heart.

Weinstein lawyers are requesting the absolute minimum sentence of five years for his convictions, claiming that anything more would represent a de facto life sentence for the unhealthy man.

The lawyers allege that their client has already suffered enough in the court of public opinion, having had his reputation destroyed by a massive list of sex assault allegations against the former Hollywood elite. More than 80 women involved with the film industry have accused Weinstein of abusing them in various forms since 2017, when the New York Times first reported on sex crimes allegations against him.

Weinstein is said to have suffered a concussion in a ‘bad fall’ since arriving at the New York jail, which is known as one of the more uncomfortable municipal jails in the country. Weinstein is reportedly housed with two other “senior gentlemen” in a wing of the jail attached to the infirmary.

A get-out-of-jail free card doesn’t appear to be in the works for Weinstein, however. It’s likely that he’ll face additional criminal charges in California’s justice system before long, almost guaranteeing that he’ll never be a free man again.


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