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Sex Crime

Sex Criminal Jeffrey Epstein Found Dead of Apparent Suicide in Manhattan Prison Cell

Time to add another body to the Clinton kill count?



Jeffrey Epstein, the Democrat-affiliated sex predator who was facing new charges for allegedly trafficking children to some of the world’s most powerful and well-connected people, is dead today from what is being attributed as a suicide.

Law enforcement sources told ABC News that Epstein committed suicide by hanging himself. He was found Saturday morning in his prison cell in Lower Manhattan and transferred to New York Downtown Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Epstein was slated to stand trial in 2020 on charges of abusing dozens of underage girls in Florida and New York. Child pornography was found after authorities conducted a raid of his posh New York City mansion following his arrest last month.

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He had been on suicide watch since July 23 when he was found in his cell unresponsive with self-inflicted wounds around his neck. The fact that he killed himself while on suicide watch is fueling rampant speculation on social media that foul play may have been involved.

It remains to be seen how Epstein’s death will impact the ongoing investigation into his sex trafficking network, as documents implicating several officials who served under former President Bill Clinton as well as other powerful individuals were released yesterday.

Sex Crime

RIGGED: Twitter Admits “Bug” Covered Up for the Lincoln Project’s Predator

Covering up for their own.



Twitter admitted that a “bug” prevented platform users from searching for the Lincoln Project in Friday, hours after the neocon group’s founder partially admitted responsibility in response to a wave of sexual misconduct allegations.

The Lincoln Project was effectively immunized from scrutiny from the allegations, with the Big Tech platform throwing a vital lifeline in its hour of need. Twitter, which made the admission in a statement provided to the Daily Caller, hasn’t explained why it became impossible to search for the Lincoln Project the same day its founder admitting to sexually harassing college aged-men. John Weaver is also accused of one incidence of rape, and coercing young men into homosexual activity with the promise of delivering lucrative political employment.

The neocon campaign consultant pulled a Kevin Spacey, admitting he was “gay” and apologizing for his DM activity on Friday. He has denied responsibility for the most severe allegations of misconduct.

Establishment Wikipedia editors kicked into overdrive to protect the accused predator’s reputation the same day, working to purge any mention of the misconduct allegations from Weaver’s page on the platform.

The Lincoln Project also ignored the allegations against Weaver, merely stating that Weaver’s own partial admission of guilt “speaks for itself.”

Following the suspension of Donald Trump, Twitter has taken its place as a dishonest publisher acting in the interests of establishment and media political figures. Enough whining- it’s time for conservatives and those who support democratic debate with integrity to build free speech platforms such as Gab, Parler and Minds.

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