Sex Fiend Harvey Weinstein Transferred to Rikers Island Jail

Disgraced former Hollywood and cinema mogul Harvey Weinstein was finally transferred to New York City’s Rikers Island jail on Thursday, after being taken to a hospital to receive medical treatment after his sex crimes conviction last month.

There’s a strong possibility that Weinstein is going to be given a de facto life sentence in his upcoming sentencing. He faces a possible sentence ranging up to 29 years, despite actually being acquitted on the most severe first-degree rape charge he was facing in his trial. Weinstein was convicted on counts of third-degree sex crimes against an production assistant and an actress he had coerced during his years of abusing women in the film industry. Weinstein has a truly massive list of more than 80 accusers.

The sex fiend is said to have undergone special training from a ‘prison consultant’ to prepare himself for a life in a correctional institution, knowing that the likelihood of a serious prison sentence was imminent after being charged with sex crimes.

Weinstein was spared an immediate introduction to the jail system on account of heart problems following his February 24th conviction. The former filmmaker and notorious #MeToo sex criminal was diverted to Bellevue Hospital while being transported to the jail, evidently on account of heart palpitations and high blood pressure.

Weinstein was reportedly given a stent in a heart procedure Wednesday night, one day before being transferred to the infirmary wing of the Rikers Island jail. Rikers is one of the nation’s most infamous municipal jails, and it’s not likely that the Hollywood elite is going to be comfortable there.

Weinstein’s sentencing is set for March 11th.

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