SEX SELECTIVE ABORTION: New Zealand Prime Minister Used Wuhan Virus Pandemic to Sneak World’s Most Radical Abortion Legislation Under Kiwis’ Noses

Last month, New Zealand passed one of the most broad-based abortion laws in the country.

The bill was quickly passed by a 68 to 51 vote a margin after three readings in the Parliament.

According to, New Zealand will have one of the most extreme abortion laws on the planet.

It noted the following provisions in the law:

According to polls in New Zealand,  Kiwis strongly opposed the law. Curiously, women were in strong opposition to abortion and only 2 percent of women support abortion on-demand up to birth. Additionally, 93 percent of women oppose sex-selective abortion being legal and 94 percent of women support the current legal standards that abortion providers and premises are subject to.

Due to the low public support for changing abortion laws, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government took advantage of the Wuhan virus pandemic to rush this legislation through while everyone’s attention was focused on the virus.

The pro-abortion legislation received considerable backlash from people in the disabled community. Over 1,200 people with Down syndrome and their families urged Ardern to keep her promise to not introduce “abortion up to birth for Down syndrome.”

The New Zealand-based pro-life organization Voice for Life made the following comments about the legislation:

“In passing Labour’s extreme abortion Bill our MPs have ushered in a new law that will liberalise abortion up to birth, allow for sex-selective abortions, and remove current freedom of conscience rights from New Zealand medical professionals.

Over the last few Parliamentary sessions our MPs had the opportunity to pass amendments that would have corrected some of the worst extremes of this Bill but instead they chose to reject such moderate measures…

Our Parliament has a duty of care to consider the wellbeing and protection of all New Zealanders including the vulnerable.

Tonight they failed in that basic duty of care by passing this extreme Bill, but the hundreds of thousands of voters who opposed this Bill will not forget this failure when it is time to vote in the General Election in a few short months.”

Under New Zealand’s current law, abortion is allowed after 20 weeks, albeit with strong restrictions. In these cases, abortion is allowed only in cases when it is “necessary to save the life of the woman or girl or to prevent serious permanent injury to her physical or mental health.”

New Zealand is decisively turning leftward on issues such as civilian disarmament, which BLP previously covered.

With it legalizing radical abortion laws, New Zealand is further cementing its descent into leftward politics.

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