Shall Not Be Infringed: FBI Reports that Record Numbers of Americans Bought Firearms in March

Are record numbers of Americans buying firearms?

In the FBI’s “NICS Firearm Checks: Month/Year”, which recorded the number of firearms background checks conducted via NICS from November 1998 to March 31, 2020, 3,740,688 firearms went through the National Instant Background Check system in March 2020.

Twitter user Zak Slaybak commentedAlmost 1% of the US population bought their first gun last month:”


It should be noted that these figures do not represent the total number of firearms sold, but rather the number of transactions that went through the NICS system.

Despite media misconceptions about background check being a well-established part of gun control policy, the NICS system has only been in place since 1998.

Many no compromise gun organizations argue it’s a first step towards establishing a national gun database.

Nevertheless, gun controllers have had to break a sweat to pass gun control.

On top of that, Americans still have strong pro-gun instincts when it comes to their views on self-defense and will buy firearms even when there are barriers to entry.

In a time when many cities and state government are conducting anarcho-tyrannical social experiments by letting out inmates with established criminal records, Americans are getting strapped.

Police cannot be relied upon, so citizens have to take matters into their hands when it comes to providing their own defense.

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