SHAME: Tomi Lahren Trashes New Pro-Life Law in Alabama

Tomi Lahren continued her history of pro-choice advocacy by condemning Alabama’s new pro-life law in a tweet on Thursday.

Lahren joined a choir of voices on the left by claiming the Alabama law was too harsh on women who seek abortions.

Alabama’s law makes most abortion procedures illegal, establishing children in the womb as legal persons under state law. It represents the most direct legislative challenge to Roe v. Wade in recent memory, challenging the landmark Supreme Court ruling that forced the legalization of abortion throughout the United States.

Lahren has voiced opposition to pro-life ideas before, apparently being fired from The Blaze for her tendencies towards abortion advocacy.

At least Lahren is honest about her liberal views towards abortion law. Other nominal “conservatives” have joined the left in condemning Alabama’s steps to challenge the legal precedent of unquestioned abortion access.

There may be some truth to the assertion that the Supreme Court may overrule the law and render it null and void. But does that mean conservatives and pro-lifers are bound to simply shut up and take it, instead of boldly standing with the unborn regardless of the judicial consequences?

In other news, the Missouri Senate took a similarly bold step in advancing a culture of life, passing an abortion ban after eight weeks in pregnancy.

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