SHAMEFUL: Conservative Inc. Throws Stephen Miller Under the Bus After SPLC Hit Piece

Earlier this week, Big League Politics reported on a disgusting smear attempt conducted by the disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that attempted to paint White House senior advisor Stephen Miller as a white nationalist for having “America First” beliefs on immigration.

This caused liberals to immediately pillory Miller on cue, calling for him to be removed from the Trump administration because of his wrongthink. While that is to be expected, what is far more contemptible are the “conservative” voices joining in on the witch hunt against Miller.

Plagiarist e-girl Tiana Lowe wrote that it is “high time for Trump to dump Stephen Miller” in an op/ed for the Washington Examiner on Tuesday. She bashed Miller for standing in the way of the Trump administration embracing amnesty for illegal immigrants, the preferred labor policy of her Conservative Inc. masters.

“We can’t say with certainty what hate is or isn’t in Miller’s heart, but we know that he was happy enough to use the work of hatemongers and kill the GOP’s last shot at immigration reform, apparently because it would help predominantly Mexican immigrants. It’s long past time for Trump to dump Miller,” she wrote.

Another so-called conservative voice that has denounced Miller at the SPLC’s behest is Sohrab Ahmari, the foreign-born New York Post op/ed editor who has converted to Catholicism in recent years. The Persian anti-2nd Amendment activist called for Miller to be blacklisted for reportedly sharing a link from VDare, a blog that advocates for a restrictionist immigration policy.

Other Conservative Inc. operatives were less explicit in their denunciation of Miller, but are nevertheless setting the stage for him to be booted from the Trump administration.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, Miller has emerged as the most articulate advocate for the MAGA agenda in the entire administration.

“If you want to stop the horrors on the northward trek, the rape that occurs, the abuse that occurs, and the death that occurs, then for the love of God fund the border wall!” Miller proclaimed last year.

“You and I both know that presidents for years have engaged in one military venture after another, not to mention the fact that we do operations to destroy drug fields in foreign lands, in Afghanistan or in Colombia, and we can’t even deal with the criminal cartels operating on our border,” Wallace told Chris Wallace of Fox News earlier this year.

“These organizations are destabilizing the Western hemisphere,” Miller added. “This is a fundamental foreign policy issue.”

Conservative Inc. is happy to work with the SPLC, ANTIFA, the Anti-Defamation League, or any other anti-American outfit to destroy Miller because they support mass third-world immigration to maximize the profits of their corporate benefactors.

Big League Politics stands with Miller and President Trump’s “America First” immigration agenda against the subversive influence of right-wing interlopers.

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