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SHAMEFUL: Fox News Host Sean Hannity Comes Out Against Open Carrying at Quarantine Protests

Hannity has capitulated under the pressure.



Fox News host Sean Hannity came out against the quarantine protesters in Michigan who open carried in the state Capitol last week during a historic rally against Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s shutdown orders.

Hannity blasted the pro-2nd Amendment protesters during a segment on his titular program on Monday.

“I’m the number one supporter [on] radio and television, that I know of, [of the] First Amendment and the Second Amendment. Now, no one is a bigger defendant of the Second Amendment than yours truly,” Hannity said on his show.

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“Everyone has the right to protest, protect themselves and try to get the country open,” he added. “This, with the militia look here, and these long guns, uh… no. Show of force is dangerous. That puts our police at risk. And by the way, your message will never be heard, whoever you people are.”

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There was no violence that occurred at the rally last week, and there have been hundreds of open carry rallies throughout the country that have resulted in no violence. However, those facts did not stop Hannity from sounding like Rachel Maddow while whining about all the big scary guns.

“No one should be attempting to intimidate officials with a show of force, and God forbid, something happens,” Hannity said. “Then they’re going to go after all of us law-abiding Second Amendment people.”

“Let’s not find distractions and… spin out of control here,” Hannity continued.

Hannity did receive some push back from contributor Dan Bongino for his anti-patriotic comments, noting that “people are fed up.”

In typical liberal fashion, Whitmer has called the protesters racist in an attempt to mute their voices.

“There were swastikas and Confederate flags and nooses and people with assault rifles,” Whitmer said during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “Some of the outrageousnesses of what happened at our capitol depicted some of the worst racism and awful parts of our history in this country.”

Big League Politics published a profile on one of the protesters who is being erroneously called a racist hatemonger by Democrat operatives and fake news hacks alike:

At last week’s historic rally in Lansing, Mich., protesters showed up and entered the state Capitol with firearms to send the message that they would not take violations of their rights laying down.

Cash also made it clear that he was not yelling at law enforcement in the photo, but rather, he was expressing his displeasure the redcoated security goons inside of the Capitol who brutalized a citizen journalist and hauled her out of the Capitol for attempting to report on the legislature last week. He was not one of the individuals carrying firearms at the protest either.

He elaborated on what took place: “I told the redcoat who threw the girl around the day before: ‘Motherf**ker, you want to throw me around like you did to that girl yesterday?’ And he didn’t want to.”

Cash became an activist when the legalization movement started to gain steam in Michigan around 2015. Cannabis has been a major passion for him since a young age, and he wore a hoodie during the protests with a marijuana leaf on it that was part of a fundraiser to help people in the cannabis community whose liberties have been violated…

The great irony of this case is that the left-wing mob has made Cash the poster child of right-wing rage – all the while he is protesting against the civil liberties infringements that they either are cheering on or passively accepting.

Hannity is playing into the leftist narrative as Fox News sells out and goes globalist. That may not be a coincidence.

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HYPOCRISY: Liberal COVID-19 Alarmists Who Denounced Lockdown Protests are Silent about National Riots

They have shown how coronavirus panic was manufactured.



Far-left hypocrites regularly admonished anti-lockdown protesters for peacefully demonstrating for their livelihoods as spreading COVID-19, only to cheer on violent race riots throughout the country days later and ignore any negative public health implications.

The Resurgence writer Drew Holden created a compilation of the greatest hits of lying liberals engaging in blatant double-standards regarding the coronavirus:

He started by calling out former Clinton operative and CNN hack Joe Lockhart for his despicable comments:

Holden moved onto obsessive Never Trumpers, Tony Posnanski and Kurt Eichenwald for completely changing their tune:

He moved on to profiling some of the most disgraced public officials across the country, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer:

He profiled New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who has been one of most belligerent leaders throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and Washington Post neoconservative Jennifer Rubin for their partisan flip-flopping.

Holden hammered transgender cretin Charlotte Clymer and Julia Ioffe, who writes for GQ Magazine now that nobody reads it:

CNN Political Analyst April Ryan and Russia-gate truther Scott Dworkin were exposed as well:

The co-hosts of Pod Save America, an anti-Trump podcast, made fools of themselves too:

Holden closed his thread by exposing CNN host Soledad O’Brien for her colossal levels of hypocrisy:

The anti-quarantine protests have been vilified constantly despite the fact that they happened throughout the nation without any violence, and have served as golden examples of effective peaceful protest.

Big League Politics reported on protests like “Operation Gridlock” that have emerged across the country:

On Monday, individuals convened in the downtown area for an “Operation Gridlock” protest, based off of last week’s wildly successful demonstration in Michigan against anti-Trump Governor Gretchen Whitmer, whose lockdown policies are among the most strict in the nation.

California Governor Gavin Newsom might be giving Whitmer some competition, as his state bureaucrats have arbitrarily banned a certain type of rally. It is unknown whether they plan to lock up protesters if they disobey the new edict.

“In the interest of public safety and the health of all Californians during the COVID-19 pandemic, effective immediately the California Highway Patrol will deny any permit requests for events or activities at all state facilities, to include the State Capitol, until public health officials have determined it is safe to gather again,” the CHP said.

Because protesters did not comply with arbitrary social distancing mandates and protested as they wished, California is punishing them as a consequence.

The protest was put on by the Freedom Angels, a group that organizes to prevent mandatory vaccinations. They are urging people to stand up to prevent their rights from being taken away during these troubling times.

“This is the time for people to take notice and really evaluate the freedoms they’re giving up, all in the name of perceived safety,” said Freedom Angels co-founder Heidi Munoz Gleisner in a Facebook video.

“People need to get back to work, get back to life, get back into contact with their loved ones who they’re isolated from, they need to be able to have a paycheck,” group co-founder Tara Thornton said to The Sacramento Bee, which interviewed her during the demonstration. “This is the grounds they will enslave us upon.”

The leftists have proven with their brazen hypocrisy that destroyed the economy and shut down society with ginned up coronavirus hysteria just to hurt President Trump’s re-election chances. These enemies of civilization need to be brought to justice for the damage they have caused.

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