SHAMELESS: Anti-Defamation League Begs for Federal Coronavirus Bailout

The far-left Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an organization works to facilitate Big Brother and destroy the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, wants a federal bailout.

The ADL is effectively lined up at the trough, using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to receive bushels of cash from the taxpayer.

“ADL has added its voice to a letter signed by a coalition of over 200 national non-profits urging legislators to include $60 billion in emergency stimulus funding to support our work and our employees, and keep 12 million people employed across the country,” the organization wrote.

“This federal relief is critical to ensuring that non-profit organizations continue our work during this time of crisis and need,” they added.

The ADL signed a letter last week with other non-profits, including the American Library Association, Islamic Relief USA, and the National Environmental Health Association, calling for corona-related welfare for the non-profit sector.

“America’s charitable nonprofits need an immediate infusion of $60 billion in capital to maintain operations, expand scope to address increasing demands, and stabilize losses from closures throughout the country,” they demanded in their letter.

“The workers in America’s charities are on the frontlines of the coronavirus response. Our workers are the backbone of the food banks, shelters, domestic violence services, houses of worship, early care and education centers, after-school facilities, and more that are being called on to feed, house, and care for people whose lives have been disrupted by closures, job loss, and sickness,” they added.

While that may apply to some of the more reputable groups that signed onto the letter, such as Salvation Army, American Red Cross, and Habitat for Humanity, it does not apply to the ADL, an organization that foments hatred and leads digital lynch mobs against Trump supporters.

The ADL have created a national frenzy surrounding the “OK” symbol, which has resulted in people’s lives being destroyed for flashing the innocuous symbol.

Big League Politics has reported on the Orwellian hellscape that the ADL has foisted upon Americans with their taxpayer-subsidized activism:

Days after the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) listed the “OK” hand gesture as a hate symbol in their database, an actor at Universal Studios Orlando was fired after it was discovered he had used the symbol in a group photo back in March.

Tiffiney and Richard Zinger, after apparently reading the ADL’s report, discovered that the symbol was used in their family’s group photo at Universal. The biracial couple promptly rushed to the media, ginned up a controversy, and got the man fired as a result.

“It’s more than the ‘OK’ sign,” Richard Zinger told USA Today. “A lot of people don’t understand what that sign means.”

“We just wanted to take them to see the minions,” Tiffiney Zinger said. “Do something special for our family and this person ruined that special warm feeling.”

What they failed to mention to the press is that one of their children is also doing the innocuous symbol in the photograph. But that didn’t stop them from initiating a witch hunt and getting the man fired anyway, while exploiting their undeserved limelight to virtue-signal about their righteousness.

“I’ve been emotionally distraught about it. I’m still pretty upset that someone felt they needed to do this to children,” Tiffiney Zinger said. “It can cause emotional stress on my child and her development.”

“I just want somebody to take responsibility for it because nobody is taking responsibility for anything,” Richard Zinger said.

“I want to cause change,” Tiffiney Zinger said. “I hope this doesn’t happen to another family again, and I pray that this doesn’t happen to another kid.”

Universal Studios Orlando, of course, jumped into action following these hysterics as America slumps further into idiocracy and madness.

The ADL, which exploits the anti-white paranoia of liberal snowflakes to sustain themselves, is now trying to exploit the coronavirus to fill their coffers. This may be a new low for the disreputable organization.

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