Shane Trejo Discusses Disenfranchisement Of Conservatives With OANN

Shane Trejo being interviewed by One America News Network.

Big League Politics’ very own journalist Shane Trejo, in addition to writing superb content for the site, also serves the conservative movement and indeed the country as Chairman of the Republican Party for Michigan’s 11th district as well as Grassroots Director for Republicans for National Renewal. An veteran political activist for over a decade now, Trejo sat down with One America News Network’s Christina Bobb to talk about the reality of blatant censorship of conservative viewpoints by public officials and much more.

During the interview, Trejo first discussed the questionable way in which poll worker training was conducted where it appeared that a significant number of conservatives who wished to serve as poll workers were “shut out” when attempting to do so in the city of Detroit. Indeed, one of the few conservatives who was able to participate in these training sessions recorded some of the sessions and passed the audio evidence to Trejo which revealed practices that many would consider alarmingly underhanded.

BLP’s very own Shane Trejo being interviewed by Christina Dobb

According to the audio that Trejo obtained, poll worker training conductors can be heard mocking the fact that social distancing measures that were still very much in place in Michigan at the time would severely hamper the ability of poll watchers to ensure that ballot counting was done with complete integrity. The audio shows one of the conductors repeatedly insisting that the six-feet social distancing spacing was to be followed without exception. However, when a trainee commented that there might be cases where there would not be six feet of clearing distance behind a poll worker for a poll watcher to use to observe the counting process “unless they have really good vision”, the conductor responded by saying “EXACTLY. Unless they got really good vision or they brought their binoculars” and laughed after making that remark as if to mock the potential predicament.

According to Trejo, there was a lawsuit filed by a Trump-endorsed candidate as well as a political activist to uphold the rights of the poll challengers so that they were allowed to take reasonable measures to ensure that ballot counting was done in a clean and objective manner as would befit any First World country. When faced with the lawsuit, the initial reaction of Michigan’s Attorney General was to simply laugh off the concerns expressed by the filers of the lawsuit.

This dismissive stance had to be recanted when the audio clips surfaced and were made known to people. Eventually, the powers that be in Michigan had to concede that the rights of poll watchers needed to be respected in spite of the covid restrictions that were in place at the time.

Trejo also pointed out the hypocrisy of the Michigan state leadership with regards to following their own directives. Trejo recalls vividly how ballots came in “fast and furious” at around 3am while the existing ballots were still being counted, potentially compromising the ability of poll watchers to properly inspect ballot counting.

In addition to the numerous irregularities during the election in the Detroit area with covid restrictions being seemingly used as the main excuse, Trejo was also threatened with legal action for simply reporting on the truth as it was being known. Indeed, following the conclusion of the lawsuit, Big League Politics was given a cease and desist letter from Michigan’s Attorney General and that BLP would be pulled into a major lawsuit unless they acquiesced to the demands of the Whitmer government and remove the overly truthful content from their website.

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