Shepard Smith Ordered to Stand Down After Feud with Tucker Carlson

Liberal Fox News daytime host Shepard Smith has been ordered by channel management to back down Thursday after a heated feud with the station’s flagship host, Tucker Carlson, according to Vanity Fair.

Smith had been making sanctimonious stabs at Carlson, evidently taking offense to a guest(President Trump’s former lawyer, Joe DiGenova) who had referred to Andrew Napolitano as a “fool.” It’s unclear why such mild and slightly heated rhetoric was enough to send Smith into a conniption, but he referred to Tucker as “repugnant” for declining to defend Napolitano.

Not one to take holier-than-thou lectures from an elitist liberal who somehow has remained a mainstay at Fox despite holding political positions that one might expect to see at CNN or MSNBC, Tucker fired back. Carlson made it clear Smith was speaking as a liberal partisan, as opposed to a supposedly neutral spectator.

Smith appeared ready to continue agitating the inter-network feud before being shut down on the matter by Fox management. Senior Fox News executives are said to have threatened the progressive infiltrator with termination if he continues to wage a campaign against Tucker.

It’s not as if Carlson wouldn’t be willing to expose Smith’s record as an unreliable and dishonest Democratic partisan if he so desired. The midday presenter is beloved by progressives who can’t stomach Fox unless he’s presenting his preferred brand of stealth narrative “journalism.”

But Fox viewers deserve better than a deceptive liberal who embraces the notion of being an objectively neutral journalist. Carlson doesn’t make such a claim, openly admitting his preferred political positions and generally eschewing the term “journalist.”

Shepard Smith will supposedly face termination if he continues tarnishing his network’s brand in the eyes of its viewers. But it’s more than likely there will be a cushy, six-figure spot waiting for him at CNN and MSNBC should he be given the boot, where he’ll be free to call conservatives racist endlessly and demand Trump’s impeachment to the sounds of liberal applause.

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