Sheriff Joe Arpaio Calls Donald Trump His ‘Hero’, Demands Another Run for President in 2024

Former Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio called former president Donald Trump his “hero” during a recent appearance on Big League Politics Live and demanded that he run for the presidency yet again in the 2024 election cycle.

Arpaio received a pardon from then-President Trump to clear the legendary sheriff of politically-motivated charges that he endured from deep state prosecutors after enforcing immigration law. He still has faith in the former president and believes Trump can overcome obstacles from the establishment to once again obtain higher office.

“I’m talking about Republicans. They flip on him because I learned in my career, if you’re taking some heat and think they got you, and you’re highly publicized, they don’t go near you… They seem to forget your name when you’re taking heat, and that’s what’s happening with Trump,” Arpaio said of the GOP establishment’s war on Trump.

“And when they go after him the way they are going after him, it’s not right. It’s not right. Right now, he needs some friends,” he said of the 45th president.

Even though Arpaio remains a loyal supporter of Trump, Arpaio believes that Trump made a mistake by staffing his administration with veteran political operatives in Washington D.C. Arpaio believes that Trump needs to surround himself with outsiders to have a successful second administration.

“I think Trump should have gone outside the swamp… He should have gone out more to get people from the outside. Why did he have to keep bringing in Bush people, Obama people, whether it’s border patrol, it’s all these bureaucrats. There must be some good people out there who can do the job,” Arpaio said.

“One thing about Trump I think, he’s a big pro-veteran and pro-cops, I know, I’ve been with him, I know what he really feels, it’s not for political reasons. I’m not going to criticize him either, but everybody makes mistakes, I don’t care who you are… But you have to have the courage to fight, fight back, and do what you feel is right. Sometimes it may be wrong, but at least you’re trying,” Arpaio explained.

If Trump decides to run for president again in 2024, Arpaio will be one of tens of millions of patriotic Americans who will circle the wagons for the beloved former president who they feel was unjustly robbed of his second term.

The full episode of BLP Live with Sheriff Joe Arpaio can be seen here:


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