She’s Scared: Nicole Malliotakis Refuses to Debate Joey Salads

On October 17, 2019, the campaign for Joey Saladino’s Congressional campaign released a statement calling out his Republican primary rival Nicole Malliotakis for not wanting to debate Saladino.

According to the Saladino campaign, the America First candidate “challenged Nicole Malliotakis repeatedly on Twitter and by a direct email to her and her campaign on Tuesday to a debate in this year’s Republican primary.”

As of now, Malliotakis has ignored Saladino’s challenge. In the Saladino team’s view, Malliotakis “is afraid to debate the political upstart, Joey “Salads” Saladino.”

Saladino believes that “Her campaign is trying to position her as tough. She’s comically weak for an established politician and extremely unlikable.” Saladino described Malliotakis’ demeanor as “automaton-like”

The candidate for New York’s 11 district wants to debate on the following issues: “the 2nd Amendment, Mandatory Vaccinations, and Immigration. I’m open to format. I will also livestream it so that everyone involved can get maximum exposure.” Saladino is confident that such an event could gather significant exposure given that he has “over 10 million followers across all social media platforms and has over 1,000 individual donors.”

The Saldino campaign pointed out that Malliotakis has a strong track record of supporting “gun control, mandatory vaccinations, and mass immigration.” The gun issue is particularly damning. BLP reported that she voted for the SAFE Act, one of the most draconian pieces of gun control legislation passed in recent years.

For the Saladino camp, Joey “Salads” Saladino is the only serious candidate in this election. Malliotakis’ refusal to debate Saladino shows that she’s not serious about representing the 11th district and is likely scared of Saladino’s populist message.


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