SHOCK: Communist Manifesto Sold At NC Teacher’s March, Attendee Admits Event Is Socialist

Big League Politics was on the ground for the annual Teacher’s March organized by the North Carolina Association of Education (NCAE).

The march, attended by teachers and other school staff from across the state, was purported to be for increasing education and Medicaid funding, but from appearances, it seems more like a march in support of socialism

Twitter users sounded off about this, pointing out the NCAE’s logo for the event, which is identical to a logo often used by socialists and communists to signal solidarity, or resistance.

Along with the logo, the date of the event brings the real intentions into question, considering it is held on May 1st, which is also known as either May Day, or International Workers Day. The holiday is known for days of worldwide action from far-left activists, with Paris seeing violent clashes between police and masked protesters the same day.

And as it turns out, this combination of factors was likely intentional.

Alongside chants of “whose schools, our schools,” and “tell me what democracy looks like? This is what democracy looks like,” smaller portions of the crowd were heard yelling “Jesus was a socialist!” Tables selling merchandise for the event were also sporting shirts from the Women’s March, which has been falling apart over claims of anti-Semitism.

On the ground, Big League Politics spoke to a number of individuals tabling socialist information booths, and mingling in the crowd. At one of the well-trafficked tables, members of the Socialist Workers Party were selling the Communist Manifesto, alongside books about brutal communist leaders Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro.

Those at the table were very supportive of the march.

Later in the event, Big League Politics spotted a journalist for the socialist newspaper The Militant just next to the press area of the event. Speaking with the man, he acknowledged the impression that the date of the event, alongside the red raised fist gave off, quipping that, “You never know how much people putting this together really realize.”

Reporter for The Militant, with sign-up sheets for the paper in his bag.

But while the event itself seemed to be pro-socialism, there were two men outside the event who most definitely were not. Both men were sporting a massive Re-Elect Trump 2020 sign, much to the chagrin of rally attendees. This reporter did witness a group of middle school aged kids at the event with their parents high-five the men, showing their support for President Trump.

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