SHOCK: Convicted Child Rapist Arrested for Baton Attack at Washington ANTIFA Protest

A man arrested and charged with felony assault for a baton attack on a bystander during an ANTIFA left-wing protest at Olympia, Washington’s City Hall is a convicted child rapist and registered sex offender.

Shaelyn Reed, 20, has been arrested and charged with fourth degree assault for attacking a conservative demonstrator with a baton.

Reed pled guilty to second-degree rape of a child in 2017, and is a registered sex offender in Thurston County, Washington.

In video of the violent protest event, a gang of black-clad ANTIFA demonstrators can be seen belligerently confronting two men, one of whom was waving an American flag, as the leftists attempted to trap vehicles within the parking lot of Olympia City Hall.

At one point in the video, a mask-clad thug strikes one of the conservative counterdemonstrators on the head, resulting in serious injuries from which the victim lost a significant amount of blood and fainted.

Olympia police later located Reed in an alleyway near city hall, having disposed of the baton he used to attack the victim, and attempting to dispose of his clothes in a possible plan to destroy evidence. Authorities suspect Reed on involvement in a vandalism of a Domino’s Pizza on July 5th, along with a second violent rioter they arrested for assault in the city hall incident.

Police are currently seeking a third suspect in the violent assault, which left the wounded counterprotestor in an area hospital and unable to eat solid foods. He may have suffered permanent injuries.

These are the outstanding citizens that ANTIFA was drawing throughout major American communities, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

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