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SHOCK: Portland ANTIFA Holds Memorial For ICE Firebomb Terrorist

Portland Antifa is openly siding with terrorism, calling the attacker their “fallen comrade”.



Portland Antifa ICE Firebomb Terrorist Memorial

Portland Antifa is planning a memorial for the terrorist, who attacked a migrant detention center with an AR-15 rifle and Molotov cocktails, tonight calling him a “fallen comrade”.

After the horrifying attack on a migrant detention center that, had it not been foiled by local authorities, could have resulted in the deaths of law enforcement as well as migrants, Portland Antifa has sided with terror and is planning a vigil for Willem Van Spronsen.

The pro-Antifa Twitter account @OccupyICEPDX posted information about the memorial today, inviting residents of Portland to “Stand with us to honor our fallen comrade, #WillemVanSpronsen, this Wednesday, 8:30pm” at the local office for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Text on the image attached to the Twitter post, complete with comical typos, invites residents to “remember a fallen comrade who gave their life in order to stop the seperation [sic] of families,” and adds “Rest In Power Willem Van Spronsen!”

While most of America was horrified to see acts of domestic terror by radical Antifa in the country, leftists are aligning themselves with violence more clearly than ever before.

Shaun King, a white man who purports to be an African American, who previously aligned himself with Black Lives Matter and now appears to be profiting off hate and violence on social media, called Van Spronsen a “martyr” in now deleted social media posts.

Big League Politics reported:

King has since deleted the tweets, which NewsChute noted was a clear violation of Twitter’s terms of service, where he defended the man who was killed after attacking a migrant detention center in Tacoma, WA with a rifle and incendiary devices on Saturday morning.

“Willem Van Spronsen just became the first martyr attempting to liberate imprisoned refugees from a for-profit detention center in Tacoma, Washington. His hero was John Brown -the white abolitionist who led the raid on harpers Ferry in 1859,” King wrote. “This is what our country has come to.”

He referred to the deranged manifesto released by Van Spronsen as a “beautiful, painful, devastating letter” before giving a defense of sorts for violence against government officials.

Antifa openly aligning itself with violent action has inspired a new fervor of public disdain for the loosely affiliated organization, generating thousands of new signatures for the White House petition calling for President Donald Trump to name Antifa a domestic terror organization.

Big League Politics reported:

A petition for President Donald Trump to label Antifa a domestic terrorist group, originally launched in the wake of the beating of journalist Andy Ngo at the hands of Antifa, has now swelled to nearly 40,000 signatures following the Antifa terrorist attack on a migrant detention facility in Tacoma, Washington.

Recent public relations disasters dealt to Antifa by their own actions appear to be catching up to the organization as the petition to label it a domestic terrorist group continues to gain signatures. At press time, the petition has over 38,000 signatures and is growing.

It is unknown exactly what the radical left hopes to gain from openly holding a memorial for the attacker, but it is almost certain to generate more public opposition to Antifa and the violent left.

Violent Left

Brooklyn Lawyers Arrested, Charged With Molotov Cocktail Attacks on Police Vehicles

Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman have been charged.



Two lawyers, one of whom is employed by a prestigious New York law firm, were arrested on Friday night for constructing molotov cocktails and throwing them at police vehicles during the race riots that have rocked the nation.

Colinford Mattis, 32, and Urooj Rahman, 31, were arrested and charged Sunday morning. Authorities allege that Rahman threw multiple molotov cocktail devices from the back of a car that Mattis was driving. Materials used in the construction of the crude incendiary devices was found in the car.

Rahman had been caught lobbing a device at an unoccupied NYPD vehicle in Fort Greene. NYPD surveillance camera footage later enabled the authorities to apprehend the criminal suspects.

Mattis had been an employee of a large corporate law firm called Pryor Cashman. His biography on the law firm’s website was removed by Sunday afternoon, indicating that the company had severed its connection with the 2016 NYU Law and Princeton graduate. Rahman is a 2019 Fordham law graduate.

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Mattis is also a member of New York City’s Community Board 5, a municipal council that covers East New York and Starrett City. Members of the board expressed shock that the white collar professional would engage in such acts of terroristic violence.

The two attorneys are scheduled for an initial court appearance on Monday in the Eastern District of New York. It appears that a significant portion of the violence of the riots is being carried out by nominally well-educated and middle-class urban professionals.

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