SHOCK REPORT: Maine Governor Janet Mills Secretly Pays $370,000 to Spy on Citizens

In 2018 Janet Mills, who was then campaigning for Governor of Maine, discussed the idea of “track and tax” as a way to raise revenue from Maine drivers. The idea she proposed was that Maine people would be tracked for the miles they drove and would pay a tax on the number of miles they drove on Maine roads. Mills used the idea of “track and tax” as a way to battle climate change in Maine.

Most dismissed this idea as nothing more than radical campaign rhetoric.

In April of 2019, with Mills now serving as the Governor of Maine, the potential tracking component of the radical “track and tax” plan went into place. This was done without fanfare or media attention.

According to a report the Mills administration signed a $370,000 deal with Streetlight Data out of San Francisco to collect data on Maine’s drivers.

According to Streelight Data’s website they “use Smartphone as sensors to measure all activities on all streets.” They go on to promote that thru their data collection technology systems they can not only collect data on travel, but also on income, race, education, and family status.

According to notes from a November 2019 meeting of Governor Mills’ Maine Climate Council an assistant engineer from the Maine Department of Transportation told members of the council “that Maine DOT can tell them where vehicles begin their trips and their eventual destinations, how fast they drove, how long trips took and even provide data on their turning movements” and “the data can also infer the purpose of the trip.”

According to this information for at least eight months of 2019, and possibly up to the current day, every Maine driver with a smart phone has been spied on by Governor Mills and her administration for the sole purpose of being taxed.

The use of this spying data collection technology should not come as a surprise to people as recently Governor Janet Mills was listed by a Pro-Chinese Communist Party Think Tank as being “China Friendly”.

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