SHOCK: Transgender Woman Sexually Assaulted by Two Females in Bathroom of Bar

According to police, a transgender woman – biologically male – was sexually assaulted by two women – biologically female – in a Raleigh, NC bar in December.

“News outlets report 38-year-old Amber Harrell and 31-year-old Jessica Fowler are charged with second-degree kidnapping and sexual battery,” according to Associated Press. The [transgender] woman told Raleigh police she was inside the bar’s bathroom in December when Harrell and Fowler started verbally abusing her, exposed themselves and started touching her.”

Though this is seemingly the reverse of what most critics argued while fighting North Carolina’s 2016 transgender bathroom laws, it revives the same issue: should people of the opposite biological sex be allowed to use the same restroom, or is it dangerous for all parties involved?

According a WRAL report, a a bartender witnessed the assault and tried to tell the women to stop.

“The victim called 911 the day after the incident,” the report said.

“‘One of the girls is still touching all over me. She would not let go. I asked her numerous times. She (bartender) could see I was visibly uncomfortable,'” the victim reportedly told the 911 dispatcher.

Witnesses reportedly told the police that the attack was clearly motivated by the fact that the victim was transgender.

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