SHOCK VIDEO: College Republican Leader Assaulted on Campus for Holding ‘All Lives Matter’ Sign

A student at California State University was assaulted by a deranged leftist for holding an “All Lives Matter” sign at a protest.

“Get the f**k out of my f**king space!” she yelled as she assaulted the man who was standing near her.

“Call the police,” the assault victim said to his nearby friends. This caused the woman to go completely unhinged and invent a sob story about how she was the real victim.

“You’re the one who spilled my name to the entire f**king internet and made them f**king harass me. It’s your f**king fault, and you have the nerve to stand this close to me!” she said.

Soon, a mob of leftists swarmed around the belligerent woman in an attempt to intimidate the conservative activist.

“You sacrifice my f**king safety, and you’re acting like I’m the one spreading lies,” she added.

The entire video, posted by journalist Andy Ngo in a Twitter post, can be seen here:

Similar behavior took place outside of an Ann Coulter speech at the University of Cal-Berkeley on Wednesday where event attendees were frequently accosted by violent leftist thugs trying to shut down free speech on campus.

There were reportedly over 1000 protesters outside of the event to protest Coulter, but they were unable to prevent it from taking place. The Berkeley College Republicans (BCR) view this as a victory against the cancel culture that is so prevalent on college campuses nationwide.

“We believe our preparations are more than adequate to ensure that Ms. Coulter’s talk does go ahead later today without any major disruptions,” BCR external vice president Rudra Reddy told the Daily Californian in an email.

“BCR is very excited about the prospect of hosting Ms. Coulter, the figurative architect of President Trump’s policy on immigration, in the backdrop of the recent oral arguments in the DACA case at the Supreme Court as well as the recent migrant surge at the border,” they added.

The deranged leftists argue that Coulter’s speech is violence, while their brutal bullying tactics against innocent conservatives are peaceful. Campus administrators are happy to coddle liberals who are triggered by expressions of basic human liberty.

“This is another in a series of events that have happened in the past two years,” campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof said at a press conference about the event.

“We’re well aware there are members of campus who feel disturbed by the presence of someone they deeply disagree with, and we will provide them with services to support them emotionally and psychologically in the campus community, but we have to abide by the laws of the land,” he added.

The campus is the battleground in the war determining the future of Western Civilization, and liberals are showing how they are the unhinged and extreme faction opposed to American values.

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