SHOCK VIDEO: Democrat Asks Strzok, Did You Use ‘Magical Bullet’ to Stop Trump?

During the highly anticipated public Congressional hearing of disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok’s testimony, a Democrat Congressman used a loaded term that is raising some eyebrows.

Luis Gutiérrez, who has represented Illinoi’s 4th Congressional District since 1993 took his time during the hearing to ask Strzok, “you had a magical bullet to derail [Donald Trump]…did you use it?”

In the last two weeks, the Democrats have amped up their divisive and violent rhetoric against the right, following in Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ path of calling for Trump supporters and Trump administration officials to be confronted and harassed in public.

It is indisputable that Rep. Gutiérrez’s choice of words during the hearing in which he asked why a bullet wasn’t used to derail President Trump were extremely inappropriate, and yet again another shocking display of the unhinged Trump Derangement Syndrome that has consumed the Democrat Party.

Rep. Gutiérrez’s question is another example of the violent rhetoric that is being utilized by the Left and elected Democrat officials to subliminally increase animosity, violence, and hatred towards President Trump and Republicans.

The Left will tell you that Rep. Gutiérrez’s misspoke, but you can judge for yourself.

Is it ever acceptable to use imagery that invokes thoughts of gun violence when discussing the President of the United States, or any elected official?  No. It is not.


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