SHOCK VIDEO: Hateful Leftist Mob Chants “Death to America” In the Streets of Oakland, California

Leftist militant rioters in Oakland, California engaged in a mob chant you wouldn’t expect to hear on the streets of any American town or city during their mob action on Sunday night.

The mob chanted “Death to America” in uniform. Nope, this isn’t a scene on display in the Middle East or a Communist country.

These anti-American thugs aren’t going to be satisfied with a few police firings and reform to law enforcement.

6 arrests were made of leftist militants, and one police officer was reportedly injured during the night’s leftist rally.

Perhaps if Oakland’s leftist contingent is so soured upon the United States, they should work on the Calexit movement to separate California from the Union. A successful divorce between California and the United States would strip of the Democratic Party of more than 50 electoral votes and guarantee Republican domination of the federal government for the foreseeable future.


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