SHOCK VIDEO: Jeff Sessions Tells Comey That He Thinks Mueller Is Great, ‘One of The Tops’

Then-senator Jeff Sessions offered wildly over-the-top praise for Robert Mueller when Mueller came up for a two-year extension as FBI director in June 2011, during the Obama administration. Sessions, who personally wanted Rod Rosenstein to be his top deputy during his tenure as President Trump’s attorney general, later recused himself from the “Russia” case, setting up Mueller’s appointment as special counsel.

“I would just say, Mr. Comey, that I share your respect for Mr. Mueller. When I was in the Department of Justice nearly fifteen years, if you’d taken a poll of the top three or four prosecutors in America, in terms of professionalism, experience, and judgment, and proven track record of important matters. And then later as a supervisor and leader, Bob Mueller would have been one of the tops, wouldn’t you agree?,” Sessions said to Comey, who was testifying on Mueller’s behalf. “I mean, he was universally recognized that way, was appointed by President, uh, Clinton I guess to the U.S. Attorney’s post in California?”

“And he had been United States Attorney in Boston…and then held high posts in the Department of Justice. But more than that, he tried a lot of cases personally. I mean, he knows how you have to prepare a case, and present a case. He knows your integrity is on the line every single day as a prosecutor, and I’ve always felt that President Obama — you know, I’m pleased that President Obama has seen fit to re-nominate him and I hope we can do that lawfully in a way that works…,” Sessions said before Connecticut Democrat Richard Blumenthal agreed with Sessions’ praise of Mueller.

At the very same hearing, conspirator James Comey went to bat for Mueller, as well.

“I know Bob Mueller very well, and believe that he is one of the finest public servants this nation has ever seen,” said Comey, who was then senior vice president and general counsel of the defense contractor Lockheed Martin.

“When I was deputy attorney general during those two years, I spoke to Bob Mueller nearly every day, and I watched as his remarkable combination of intellect and tenacity drove the FBI’s counterterrorism efforts. Because the director’s standards were so high, everybody’s work had to be better. His relentless probing, which was rooted in an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the enemy and our capabilities to respond to the enemy, rippled through the FBI and the rest of the national security community,” Comey said. (RELATED: Army of FBI Whistleblowers Ready To Testify Against Mueller).

Fired former FBI director James Comey got cornered last week by House Republicans who clearly decided to up their game during his second closed-door testimony in front of the outgoing GOP majority on the Oversight and Judiciary Committees.

“I know on their way out they seem to be wanting to play defense now for the President and want to do everything in their power to bring doubt regarding the Mueller investigation,” said a shaken Democrat Elijah Cummings to a reporter, referring to the recently more-aggressive Republicans.

Here are Comey’s hallway remarks, in which he notably did not deny that he leaked classified information when he leaked his memos to the press.

I reported for Big League Politics:

James Comey’s friend, Columbia University professor Daniel Richman, leaked classified information that Comey gave him. During this leaking period, Richman was apartment-building neighbors with a partner at the law firm that strategized with Fusion GPS operative Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian plant who set up Don Jr. in Trump Tower.

“Yes, he is my neighbor,” Amy Wenzel, a partner at Cozen O’Connor, confirmed in a phone conversation with Big League Politics, confirming that they spoke. They live near each other in a Brooklyn high-rise.

Cozen O’Connor managing partner Howard Schweitzer is listed here on a DOJ form from an investigation into the breaking of lobbying laws by Russians trying to repeal the Magnitsky Act — which was just a front to get Russians in the room with Don Jr. It turns out that Natalia Veselnitskaya was actually operating out of the Cozen O’Connor offices.

I highlighted the Cozen O’Connor connection in a Periscope outside of the firm’s Washington, D.C. office.

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