Shocker: Arizona Democrat Congressman Advises Democrats to Stop Using the Term “Latinx”

2020 is full of all sorts of surprises.

Wokeness is in the air and one would think that everyone would completely submit to this destructive trend being promoted by the cultural Left.

Obviously, many on the Right have rightfully opposed woke culture and all tempts to frame human interactions and American history under this lens. Now, the Right may have some strange bedfellows in opposing the ever-growing woke culture.

Let’s take a look at Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego. After Democrats had a relatively mediocre showing with Hispanic voters in the 2020 election, many questions arose about why Democrats have not made further improvements with this demographic. One Twitter user Zandar asked Gallego on Twitter the following question:

Ruben, honest question, how do we as a party improve our work with the LatinX community across the country as well as we’ve done in AZ? Its so frustrating to see so many republican LatinX voters, but I know its on people like me to help convince them dems are the place to be.

Gallego firmly responded:

First start by not using the term Latinx. Second we have to be in front of them year round not just election years. That is what we did in AZ.

Latinx is a term that has gained traction in leftist milieus across the U.S. It’s a gender neutral alternative to the masculine term “Latino” which has traditionally been used to refer to men and other mixed-gender groups. Latinx is seen as a more palatable term that conforms with the politically correct sensibilities of leftist elites. Like any out of touch leftist concept, the term “Latinx” is only used by 3 percent of American Hispanics

Matt Yglesias of Vox mentioned one important factoid regarding Gallego and the district he represents: It’s a “a heavily working-class, heavily Hispanic area in and around Phoenix.” The district he represents is Arizona’s 7th district, which is 56 percent Hispanic. It has been solidly Democrat since 2002 and Gallego won his district in 2020 by an emphatic margin of 77 to 23 percent.

It’s good to see a few Democrats rejecting some of the most perverse forms of political correctness that liberal elites are trying to impose on Americans of all stripes. We can only hope that Gallego is joined by other Democrat colleagues in rejecting the Latinx term and not advancing leftist tropes.