SHOCKER: Former Senior NATO Official Revealed that NATO Used Up the Bulk of Its Military Inventories 

On February 14, 2023, former North Atlantic Treaty Organization Deputy Assistance Secretary General Jamie Shea revealed that NATO  member countries have “largely used up the available stocks” in their efforts to constantly supply military aid to Ukraine. In turn, they must address the issue of restocking.

Shea observed that NATO is currently working to persuade defense contractors to increase their production, but he stressed that “it’s not going to be easy.”

“The secretary general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, has just been in South Korea and Japan, asking them to supply more,” he commented. “While we get production ramped up, if we can persuade some of these other sort of pro-Western countries beyond NATO to provide these type of munitions, that should help to fill the gap in the meantime.”.

Due to the fanatic tunnel vision the Collective West has developed with its obsession over Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, now it’s beginning to see its vital defense supplies be depleted. In effect, Russia has gotten the West to effectively demilitarize itself by constantly trying to arm Ukraine to the hilt. 

Unfortunately, no one of great political importance is picking up on this. At a time when most of the West is facing a mass migration onslaught, with some migrant groups — especially Muslim migrant groups in Europe — turning several cities into war zones, the last thing the West should be doing is shifting its attention away from this existential problem to a distant conflict theater in Ukraine. 

Too bad, most policymakers in the West don’t grasp the gravity of this situation much to the detriment of global geopolitical stability.

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