SHOCKER: New Research Indicates That Plastic Face Shields Will NOT Protect You from COVID-19

A plastic shield that covers your face will not protect you from COVID-19 in certain cases.

Recent research concluded that if an infected person sneezes three feet away, the subsequent “vortex rings” will carry infectious particles to the face shield and stick to the edge of the plastic in approximately half a second. And if it just so happens that the person wearing the shield breathes in simultaneously, the wearer has a decent chance of becoming infected.

Check out the computer model of this research below:

Other research also shows that face shields do not adequately trap aerosols, meaning that an infected wearer may easily spread COVID-19.

Big League Politics wrote in November that as parts of America are attempting to shut back down again, 70,000 people in China were packed into a stadium without masks to enjoy a playoff soccer game:

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