SHOCKING AUDIO: Nevada U.S. Rep Candidate John Lee Allegedly Solicited Mother and Daughter for Incestuous Pedophilic Exploits

Nevada Congressional candidate John Lee is being accused of soliciting an incestuous pedophilic relationship on Craigslist as shocking audio has emerged of a conversation alleged to be between Lee and a potential victim.

The website,, alleges that Lee “is a sexual predator and deviant who seeks out incestuous relationships with mothers and their teenager daughters.” They have produced a recording of a conversation alleging to be the evidence for this shocking claim.

“In 2018 John Lee answered an advertisement from Craigslist. The advertisement stated they were a single mother who was recently widowed and that she and her 13-year-old daughter were actively involved in the incest lifestyle. They were seeking a new father figure to join their incestuous family,” the website claims. “John Lee was all too happy to attemp[t] to oblige them.”

The website has published an audio clip of an alleged victim and an individual talking about setting up the lurid relationship.

“How are you going to find someone for that if you’re not completely open about it?” the alleged victim stated.

“When I was younger, when I was in high school, my girlfriend in high school…her mom came onto me and I ended up hooking up with her mom. I think it would be crazy if I could find something like that now, and I just started typing in keywords and that is how I found you,” the individual said, who claimed he was living in Las Vegas. Lee formerly served as the Mayor of North Las Vegas from 2013 to 2022.

“I don’t want to be that grandpa that’s out there at the local club scene here in Las Vegas trying to pick up… I’m not that guy,” the individual said.

“I’ve got to be a little bit protective, watching my own back a bit… You have to be the same way as well, but we should try to get together,” the individual said to end the conversation, telling the alleged victim to “share” details of the conversation with her daughter.

Before Lee flipped to the Republican Party in 2021 to aid his own political ambitions, he was a long-time Democrat. Even though Lee has received an endorsement from President Trump, Lee refused to state that he would vote for Trump if he was found guilty on bogus charges in his current kangaroo court proceedings.

Lee is currently running for the Republican nomination in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. His main competition is Lt. Col. David Flippo, an Iraq War veteran who is an outspoken supporter of President Trump. The primary election is scheduled for Tuesday, June 11.

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