SHOCKING: Leaked Documents Uncover ATF’s Diabolical Plan to Shut Down Gun Stores

According to a post by Gun Owners of America, the Biden regime has been on a campaign to shut down gun stores. 

The post highlighted how in 2021 the Biden regime rolled out a “Zero Tolerance” policy for stripping firearm vendors of their licenses — FFLs (Federal Firearm Licensees). The ATF recently made updates to its “Federal Firearms Administrative Action Policy and Procedures” to reflect this new policy change.

GOA was able to obtain copies of this updated ATF order, which the Biden regime revised in January of 2022, in addition to the previous version that existed under the administration of former President Donald Trump.

Based on a review of changes in ATF’s policy, it is clear that the Biden Administration is seeking to weaponize ATF’s bureaucracy against the entire Second Amendment industry.

According to GOA, the Biden regime’s updated Zero Tolerance policy takes a harsh approach to law-abiding gun stores. 

From the timeframe of January and September 2022, ATF field offices in Charlotte, Columbus, Houston, Louisville, New Orleans, and St. Paul stripped licenses from gun vendors more frequently than they issued “warning conferences.” Warning conferences are a lighter penalty, which according to the ATF’s manual, is needed to “assess the FFL’s potential to achieve compliance and determine any potential risks to public safety and firearm traceability.”

Since the ATF’s enactment of the Zero Tolerance policy, there was a 200% surge in FFL revocations. One of the more insidious aspects of the Zero Tolerance policy is the requirement for gun stores closing up shop to send the ATF every Firearm Transaction Form (Form 4473) to the ATF, in addition to its “bound book” and other records.

As of November 2021, ATF has effectively converted 920,664,765 of these records into an illegal system of gun registration at the national level. Per the ATF, 865,787,086 records are in electronic format. GOA noted that these records “proved to be digital, searchable, and centralized—in violation of federal law.”

This is just one of the many dangers of allowing the ATF to continue to exist. The ATF’s presence allows for the most tyrannical of political actors to use its vast powers to harass millions of lawful gun owners and eventually end the Second Amendment. 

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