SHOCKING: Student Petition Calls for Installing Gloryholes in Campus Lecture Hall

Students at the University of Augsburg pushed for the inclusion of holes to campus bathrooms, on top of the condoms, knee pads, “licking wipes” and other sanitary items, according to Presse Augsburg

“Three glory holes are to be built in the lecture hall center opposite the entrance, where the information boards are currently located,” the students’ petition highlighted, per Presse Augsburg. 

The students also demanded that the holes be “soundproof and opaque,” and held the expectation that school maintenance staff regularly clean them, Presse Augsburg also noted in the report. 

“A glory hole would contribute to diversification on campus, as kink could also be experienced or lived at the university. Sex can also be a relaxing activity, which can be very useful in the often stressful university life,” the petitioners stated.

Although students who petitioned for the glory holes noted the change in university policy was called for 10 times on a school wish board, not all students at the university were receptive to the idea.

“Setting this up at a university is not only inappropriate but also highly scandalous and unacceptable,” the school’s Ring Christian Democratic Students (RCDS) organization highlighted. “Such an idea not only contradicts the principles of educational institutions, but also represents a serious violation of ethical and moral standards,” RCDS highlighted, per Presse Augsburg.

The university’s student council gathered to talk about the proposal and ultimately deemed it as a “joke motion” and will not bother entertaining it even further, Press Augsburg noted.

While this measure may seem like a joke, the normalization of degeneracy at schools is a real development. The cultural Left has run a full court press in attempting to make their degenerate ideas broadly accepted across society. 

Although these ideas may seem to infringe, they can become mainstream if the Right drops the ball and doesn’t bother to resist these schemes.

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