SHOCKING: Students at Indiana University Taught to Perform Violent Sex Acts in Perverse Seminar

As apart of a perverse three-day seminar called “Sex Fest,” Indiana University (IU) showed a public display of a woman being whipped, according to Campus Reform.

Campus Reform posted the video of the woman being whipped as apart of a BDSM sex act during Sex Fest, which is still ongoing as of Thursday:

On Tuesday, Debbie Herbenick hosted marriage and family therapist Lexx Brown James for a “Kick-off to Kink” panel. Students were also invited to a “Kink Workshop” on Wednesday. Booths were created to teach students about the “safe use of different sex toys.”

One table at the event had a flyer containing various “nipple toys,” which included “clothespin,” “nipple pump,” “nipple lasso,” “magnetic clamp,” “adjustable clamp,” “clover clamp,” “nipple tweezer,” and “hand.” A different flyer encouraged students to “circle things you know you want” and “cross out things you know you don’t want.” The options included a “bondage” category with “rope,” “leather/cuffs,” “cages,” and “collar/lead.” For the “sensation play” category, options included “electricity,” “hair pulling,” “scratching,” “mind fucks,” and “exhibitionism.”

The event is hosted by the student-staffed Sexual Health Advocacy Group, the Community Capacity for Prevention and Education, the Residence Hall Association, and the IU Health Center. The university stands by hosting the event, which is still ongoing.

“One of the topics most requested by students was how to practice BDSM safety,” IU spokesperson Chuck Carney said to Campus Reform.

“Our public health researchers have found some evidence to suggest that people are engaging in a broader range of sexual activities and as a result, it is the IU Health Center’s mission to make sure they practice it safely, following the BDSM community’s principal tenets of ‘safe, sane, and consensual.,” he added.

Carney noted that the “money comes largely from grants and research funding, but also two student organizations” to put on this event, meaning that taxpayers are footing the bill at least in part to teach young students how to perform graphic and violent sex acts.

IU student congressman Matt Ahmann does not think that this was a wise use of taxpayer dollars and skyrocketing tuition funds from students.

“I find it very disappointing the Indiana University is sponsoring such a weird event,” he told Campus Reform, adding in a Tweet that IU “is morally bankrupting my generation.”

It is not just IU where this type of perversion is being taught to kids. Left-wing activists are working to indoctrinate even younger children with violent sexual propaganda throughout the country:

California is set to implement some of the most graphic and obscene sexual ed in the country for K-12 public school students, and a sizable group of concerned parents are standing up in defiance to the state’s plan.

California’s Department of Education has been readying the new comprehensive sex ed program for months, which includes a lengthy list of sexual literature meant to be assigned to students. The standards will introduce students in the third grade to concepts such as gender fluidity, and the notion that individuals can identify with whatever gender they want.

High school students will be taught about a wide variety of deviant sexual practices, such as bondage, ‘fisting,’ and what the state describes as ‘blood play.’

The leftist plan to corrupt the souls of the youth is now virtually inescapable at public schools throughout America.

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