Shocking Whistleblower Recordings Indicate Children are Receiving Improper Mix of COVID Vaccine in New York

New whistleblower recording released by Project Veritas shows that children are getting stuck with improperly mixed COVID-19 vaccines.

A whistleblower who is employed through DocGo/Ambulnz emerged with the recordings. They show medical professionals using bacteriostatic water instead of saline solution to mix the vaccines, which is against guidelines issued by Pfizer, the CDC, and the FDA.

“Make sure it’s the right one, because some people got the wrong one,” said Guy Banks, who is a supervisor with DocGo/Ambulnz.

The whistleblower blames improper training on the medical professionals doling out the wrong mixture to children, which could exacerbate possible adverse reactions to the experimental COVID-19 jab.

“On my first day there were no instructions about mixing the vaccine. I called the supervisor and asked, ‘how do I dilute this vaccine?’ He told me to ‘YouTube it.’ We were never given an in-service,” the whistleblower said.

DocGo President Anthony Capone said there is no record of improper mixtures ever being administered by their company.

“We have no circumstances in company history when bacteriostatic water was used in diluting vaccine,” Capone said.

Big League Politics has reported on how children are being used as guinea pigs for these vaccine treatments on a nationwide basis:

According to a news report from TMJ4 News in Milwaukee, Wisc., there are now over 80 medical centers now participating in studies that inject children as young as six months old with the COVID-19 vaccine.

The video news report painted this twisted medical experimentation on children in the best possible light and said 3,000 children “have been chosen” to be part of these studies. University of Wisconsin Health is leading the way on sticking babies with the vax.

“We started about a week and a half ago bringing the families in, evaluating the children, and then giving them the first injection,” said Dr. William Hartman of UW Health.

That news report can be seen here:

Experimenting on infants with the COVID jab began months ago when the pharmaceutical giant Moderna launched their KidCOVE program, starting the nationwide trend of injecting experimental COVID-19 vaccines into babies as young as six months old.

“Especially with kids going back to school, it’s going to be a great boom because we consider, you know, not in a derogatory sense, we consider kids to be vectors,” said Dr. Steve Plimpton, lead investigator for the Moderna study in Arizona.

With the Big Pharma cash grab underway, the safety of children has become a mere afterthought.

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