Shooting Spree in Odessa, TX Leaves Eight People Dead, Including Suspected Killer

Eight people are dead and nineteen others are injured after a shooting spree in Odessa, TX on Saturday morning, as the killer allegedly hijacked a mail truck to go on his rampage.

“We are heartbroken and outraged by the violence that struck our community and our school district today. We are learning that we have lost friends, family members, as well as one of our students. Our lives have been changed forever,” tweeted Ector County ISD, as one of their students was killed during the shooting.

The shooting began during a traffic stop at 3pm in Midland, according to law enforcement. The Texas Department of Public Safety eventually pulled over an individual, who struck a state trooper with his rifle. During the subsequent shootout by a movie theater in Odessa, two other police officers were wounded.

He then ditched his car and stole a mail truck, stealing it from postal worker Mary Granados who he also shot. He continued to open fire from there.

“Please understand this is not just an Odessa Police Department, Midland Police Department and Department of Public Safety thing,” Odessa Police Chief Gerke said during a press conference. “This was a joint effort by a multiple of departments to find this animal and bring him to justice.”

Law enforcement snapped into action on Facebook to warn people throughout the area to stay in doors for their own safety while the shooter was on the loose.

“A subject (possibly 2) is currently driving around Odessa shooting at random people. At this time there are multiple gunshot victims. The suspect just hijacked a U.S. mail carrier truck and was last seen in the area of 38th and Walnut. Everyone is encouraged to get off the road and use extreme caution! All law enforcement is currently searching for the suspect and more information will be released as soon as it becomes available,” Midland County law enforcement wrote on social media.

Medical Center Hospital CEO Russell Tippin said in a press conference that 13 victims were brought to the hospital following the attacks. Of those victims who were initially brought into the hospital, an infant was airlifted to a different hospital, two people were released shortly after, two others were in serious condition, and seven people were in critical condition.

“Pray for the victims,” Tippin said. “If you hear my voice, hug your families.”

CBS 7 Midland reports that, as of Sunday morning, three patients were in serious condition, one remained in critical condition while seven others were now in fair condition. The current death total is at eight from the killer’s vicious actions. His identity has not been named publicly at the present time, but he is reportedly dead.

Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz released public statements following the news.

“The First Lady and I are heartbroken over this senseless and cowardly attack, and we offer our unwavering support to the victims, their families, and all the people of Midland and Odessa,” Abbott said.

“I thank the first responders who have acted swiftly and admirably under pressure, and I want to remind all Texans that we will not allow the Lone Star State to be overrun by hatred and violence. We will unite, as Texans always do, to respond to this tragedy,” he added.

“We are thankful for the law enforcement officers who heroically risked their lives and acted swiftly to stop the shooter and save others,” Cruz said.

“Their courage helped prevent even more senseless deaths, and we honor their tireless commitment to protecting us all. We Texans are standing together tonight united against all forms of hatred and violence,” he added.

This shooting happened just weeks after the El Paso, TX massacre at a Wal-Mart where 22 people were killed.

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