Shootings, Murders, and Rapes Rocketing Sky High in De Blasio’s NYC

Steve Sailer of VDARE recently penned an article demonstrating a massive surge in shootings taking place in New York City.

So far in 2020, murders in NYC increased by 35 percent compared to 2019. Sailer did emphasize, however, that “the number of shooting incidents is up 87% and shooting victims up 95%.”

Grand Larceny Auto is also up 60 percent.

Attached is an overview of stats coming from the Police Department of New York.

NYC is getting its leftist radical fix in and its decision to remain lax on crime will likely make the city inhospitable for hundreds of thousands of people.

The perversion of criminal justice reforms by the Left will likely go national under a Biden administration and may unleash an unprecedented crime wave.

This is a social experiment that the Right should categorically reject.



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