Shots Fired, Man Wounded as Leftist Protestors Attempt to Destroy Conquistador Statue in Albuquerque

A man was shot while attacking a militia member in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Monday. Groups of ANTIFA leftists and a private militia force had been facing off at the statue of Juan de Onate, a Spanish explorer who had been the first governor of the province of New Mexico.

Left-wing rioters had gathered at the location with the hopes of destroying Onate’s statue, and were caught on tape attempting to forcefully dismount the public monument.

Video of the confrontation shows a large group of leftists swarming and attacking a man in a blue shirt, who attempts to flee from the scene of the monument. The leftists continue to chase, berate, and assault him, and eventually several mob him and prevent him from fleeing. At that point, he can be seen reaching for a firearm, and several shots can be heard.

Left wing vandals can be heard threatening the blue shirted man in no uncertain terms, stating that “we’re going to kill you.”

The incident appears to be self defense. The man, who may be affiliated with the militia group New Mexico Civil Guard, who had arrived at the monument to safeguard it from vandalizing rioters.

The man who was shot in the incident was taken to an area hospital, where it’s been reported he’s in critical but stable condition.

Albuquerque police appear to be already chomping at the bit to blame the incident on right-leaning militia members who appear to have been forcefully attacked by left-wing rioters, despite video of the shooting revealing the man clearly trying to flee the scene of the monument and only drawing his gun when a group of aggressive, belligerent vandals pinned him to the ground and started forcefully beating him.

Several New Mexico Civil Guard Militia members have been taken into custody, although no criminal charges have been filed as of Monday night. Big League Politics is continuing to monitor the situation.

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