Should Tony Podesta Be Sweating Manafort’s Convictions?

Paul Manafort’s convictions on eight counts of tax or financial fraud (out of 18 levelled against him) have galvanized the mainstream media to create a narrative that President Donald Trump is legally sinking amid all of the Deep State and Democrat Party plots against him.

However, the mainstream media largely ignores the fact that Paul Manafort worked for the Podesta Group, run by Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s brother Tony.

The case is narrative fodder for mainstream journalists eager to tie Trump to his campaign manager, but the actual implications of the case could lead back to the heart of the Democratic Party establishment.

Fox News previously reported: “The Podesta Group reportedly worked with Manafort — a former chairman of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign — to lobby on behalf of Ukrainian interests in the United States, without properly registering at the time under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), Carlson said. Manafort and the group worked on a campaign called the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, the Washington Times reported.”

FARA violations are serious business, and all of this Ukranian work obviously ties into media-invented narratives regarding Russian collusion. Ukraine has a powerful lobby in Washington to agitate against its rival Russia.

Tony Podesta was never granted immunity by Robert Mueller because alternative media led by Tucker Carlson shut down the idea of that ploy after the press started floating it.

So Tony Podesta remains eligible to be charged, and it’s clear that the Podesta Group link could complicate media narratives.

However, so far President Trump has been unable to command control of his own Department of Justice led by Jeff Sessions, and the anti-Trump conspirators are racking up legal wins in criminal court while Trump’s moves have been less visible. Despite arrests of Harvey Weinstein and some other high-profile establishment players, Trump is still saddled with a DOJ that is essentially being run by anti-Trump conspirator Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who just can’t seem to get himself fired no matter what he does.


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