“Shout Your Abortion” Movement Set to Release Death-Praising Book

The abortion-praising movement, “Shout Your Abortion” is set to release a book on November 1st.

The book is reported to be a compilation of abortion-loving stories from women who proudly pronounce their decision to terminate life. The sickening quotes showcased on their website and Twitter are filled with justification in the form of selfishness. A constant theme seen throughout the explanations is the idea of “it was right for me”.

The focus on the “me” aspect of abortion is what has fueled this entire egotistical movement. The ridiculous amount of self-centeredness that this movement praises is over the top.

The movement claims women should be praised for choosing abortion simply because they felt like it. The stories portrayed on the website and social media are some of the most heartless and inhumane attempts at justification of abortion that the internet has seen.

According to the website, the book will feature pictures, stories, and art projects describing how proud women are to share their story.

In the error-filled description of the book, writers had the audacity to claim that the book is “…a template for building new communities of healing…” and that the champions of the book have “breathed life into the movement.”

Interesting. There are some oxymorons with this description. If “abortion is normal” as the movement boldly proclaims, why does it require healing? Typically most things that are normal do not require any form of healing to get through. Using the word “healing” insinuates that dealing with the aftermath of abortion is something that needs attention.

However, the movement tries hard to profess that abortion is normal and just an everyday procedure. Maybe the writers should have hit up thesaurus.com for a more fitting word.

Secondly, the fact that the words ‘breathed life’¬†are in a description that praises death, is mind-blowing. Maybe it is an attempt to persuade women that there is no life in the womb. But wait, science has come a long way. They know, they just don’t care. Who cares if it’s life, the mother’s life is more valuable than the pre-born. Right?

According to the #ShoutYourAbortion movement, abortion is justifiable in any situation whatsoever.

Want an abortion because you aren’t financially ready? Fine.

Want an abortion because timing isn’t right for you? Fine.

Want an abortion because you want to have free sex? Also fine.

Wonder if these lovers of death would also be a proud supporter of a movement that supported the death of 2-year-olds? The same principles could be applied. Toddler getting on your nerves? Toddler much more expensive than you anticipated? Toddler taking time away from ME time? All suitable reasons to end a child’s life, apparently.

These attempts to normalize abortion as a coping strategy are terrible tries at justification. The movement’s struggle to detach emotion and dehumanize what is happening in the procedure should be a slap in the face to women who have been through an abortion.

Let women grieve their abortion. Let women come to terms with the loss of a child. Abortion is a big deal and death will never be normal. Women deserve better than abortion.

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