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‘Shut Down D.C.’ Protests Against Climate Change Showcase Mass Insanity of Environmental Movement

They want totalitarian communism, and they want it now.



At least 26 extreme leftist protesters were apprehended by law enforcement today as they participated in coordinated “Shut Down D.C.” protests against climate change.

The radicals blocked traffic at busy intersections using sit-ins, vans, cars, ladders, and even a sailboat throughout many areas within the district. Drivers throughout Washington D.C., particularly those commuting into the city from Virginia, were inconvenienced massively due to these demonstrations.

Scenes from the day’s protests have showcased the levels of derangement that is coming from the radicalized leftists who are quite literally at war with Western Civilization.

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Law enforcement was forced to cut through a sailboat to remove protesters who chained themselves to the vessel in a creative gambit to obstruct traffic:

Anti-capitalist protesters shut down a busy road in Washington D.C. to shout platitudes in favor of the Green New Deal.

One LGBT activist performed an obscene booty dance in the streets to shut down traffic:

Others threatened violent reprisal against energy executives for their supposed crimes against Mother Earth:

Some activists exhibited displays of cult-like behavior, with a common thread being refusal to breed until carbon problems are resolved:

Meanwhile, the movement’s anointed leader, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, a Swedish child who suffers from autism, gave a threatening speech in favor of communist authoritarianism at the United Nations Climate Action summit on Monday.

This movement, now led by children who are being used as props, is meant to further the globalist push for centralized government power to defeat the scourge of global warming.

However, many of the alarmist predictions made by the climate cult have simply not come to pass:

The National Park Service (NPS) is trying to backtrack from their failed predictions of climate doom. They recently removed a warning from a Glacier National Park claiming that glaciers “will all be gone” by 2020 due to global warming fears.

The predictions, which were based off of faulty computer models in the early 2000s, have been invalidated by mother nature. There has been much more snowfall than what was previously anticipated by the so-called experts in recent years…

The sign has been changed to a much more nebulous warning to avoid the embarrassment of more incorrect predictions. It states: “When they completely disappear, however, will depend on how and when we act.”

The bureaucrats and scientists have not completely given up on their religious belief of climate climate, however, as it says on their website that the glaciers will now disappear between 2030 and 2080.

“The overall picture remains the same, however, and that picture is that the glaciers all continue to retreat,” the USGS said.

The reality of the situation does not matter to these activists, as the underlying agenda continues regardless of the facts. The end game is private property and capitalism being forcibly eliminated and replaced with total assimilation to the one-world government.

Campaign 2020

University of Pennsylvania Workers Overwhelmingly Support the Democrat Party

From Top to Bottom Universities are in the Tank for Democrats



Employees at the University of Pennsylvania are overwhelmingly in the tank for the Democrat Party.

Ophelia Jacobson of Campus Reform reported that University of Pennsylvania employees contributed to Democrat candidates, campaigns, and organizations between 2019 and 2020. Campus Reform was able to gather the data by turning to the Federal Election Commission.

Per the Campus Reform analysis, a whopping 97.6 percent of campaign contributions in 2019 and 2020 made by Penn instructors, staff, and administrators were sent to “Democratic organizations, candidates, and their campaigns.” Some of these groups and causes included ActBlue, Win the Era PAC, Biden for President, and MoveOn Political Action.

The remaining 2.4 percent of contributions went to Republican causes. These included WinRed, Donald J. Trump for President, and the Republican National Committee.

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To get more specific, of the 715 donations that Penn faculty members made, just 11 were sent to Republican candidates, institutions or campaigns. This number represented 1.5 percent of campaign contributions pitched in by faculty members. The remaining 98.4 percent of donations were sent to Democrat causes.

Staff contributions showed similar trends. 97.6 percent of contributions were sent to Democrat campaigns, candidates, or organizations, whereas 2.4 percent were sent to Republicans.

Penn administrators donated 731 times during the time-frame of 2019 and 2020. Curiously, 21 of those 731 contributions (2.8 percent) were only made to Republican causes and the remainder (97.1 percent) were sent to Democrat causes.

This analysis reported that ActBlue was the principal organization that Penn workers donated to as far as Democrats institutions were concerned. In contrast, WinRed was the largest recipient of donations of all the Republican organizations.

Just another case of an American institution of higher learning being filled with leftist staff across the board. Let’s face it, universities are a magnet for the Left and work to perpetuate such a political paradigm.

Conservatives should take note. These institutions and the drones who work for them are the enemy. In light of this, the Right should aim to defund public universities and make sure to attend alternative educational institutions if possible. These institutions do not deserve a single penny from right wingers.


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