Shutdown Continues As Congress Shuffles In And Out, Doing Nothing As Usual

Congress did what it does best Thursday, showing up to work in a perfunctory manner, accomplishing nothing, and then giving themselves more time off.

The House and Senate are adjourned until December 31 because leaders of the two surprisingly-similar Washington parties cannot find it in themselves to give President Donald Trump the $5 billion in Wall funding that many of the American people demand.

President Trump and one of his contacts in the Freedom Caucus, North Carolina’s Mark Meadows, both made it abundantly clear that the government is not going to re-open unless Trump has the $5 billion and the good citizens of this country have the peace of mind of knowing that criminal drug-trafficking gangs are not easily traversing our porous Southern border.

Six days in, President Trump is getting closer to Newt Gingrich’s all-time shutdown record of 21 consecutive days (Since most Trump supporters think the shutdown is just fine, I see no reason to play the “Blame Schumer” talking point, but it’s true that Schumer is technically the one keeping it shut down by refusing to protect the American people). Newt got great concessions out of Bill Clinton for holding out.

“Whatever it takes” President Trump declared during his Wednesday trip to Iraq with First Lady Melania. Meaning — Trump will do whatever it takes to get us our Wall.

Can Trump fund the Wall through the military now that General Mattis has left the Department of Defense? Can Trump continue piecing together the Wall in bits and fragments, like the 115-mile contract he awarded on Christmas Eve for some Wall construction in Texas?

Watch the President’s awesome Christmas Day press conference from the White House, which gives you a good picture of his mental toughness during this ridiculous period in history in which congressional leaders are completely powerless due to the fact that they are pawns of globalist special interests:

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