SHUTDOWN DAY 13: President Trump’s Wall Towers Over the Freshman Democrats on Capitol Hill

President Donald Trump has upstaged his enemy yet again, spoiling the good time of the freshman Democrat House members on their first day on Capitol Hill. While the new Democrats could have spent this occasion swapping social-justice talking points or chatting giddily about the prospect of Soros party invites, they instead must come face to face with the horrible reality of our broken immigration system. President Trump demands $5 billion for his border Wall. The American people back him up.

Poor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her congressional orientation probably won’t be as fun as her good times at ritzy Yorktown High School, which she attended because she grew up in Westchester County and not the Bronx like her media character did. Plus, Ocasio-Cortez is splitting with Nancy Pelosi on the rules package, which is bound to deepen the rift between the rich-kid socialist wing of the Democratic Party and the regular old corrupt grifter wing.

The specter of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s terrible behavior hangs over the Democrat caucus. Schumer actually interrupted Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen when she was trying to brief them at the White House Wednesday on the massive national security threat growing like a tumor on our southern border.

Republican Kevin McCarthy broke the news that congressional leaders will have to go back to the White House on Friday because they never actually finished Nielsen’s briefing. First of all, let’s keep in mind that Schumer cutting off Nielsen would be considered wildly sexist if the roles were reversed and a Republican man was cutting off a Democrat Cabinet member. Second of all, Schumer and Pelosi are in outright defiance of their sworn duty as elected government officials to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. They cut short an important national security briefing by throwing the kind of “temper tantrum” that Schumer accused Trump of having. They are rogue actors within the federal government. And Nancy Pelosi might just lose the speakership race.

I outlined on Day 11 how President Trump has the Democrats over a barrel:

Did you people really think you could pull a fast one on President Donald Trump?

Our president has been winning negotiations his entire life (read: “The Art of the Deal”). Did you, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, think he was going to back away from the Wall just because you introduce some pathetic bills that do not include Wall funding?

President Trump got out ahead of the dirty Democrats’ sneak plays, making it clear through his own tweets, through his White House consigliere Mick Mulvaney, through his Freedom Caucus ally Mark Meadows, and through Mitch McConnell’s spokesman that he would not sign any bills that did not fund his Wall. They tried to sneak through Sheila Jackson-Lee’s bill to block Wall funding, disingenuously named the “Protect American Taxpayers and Secure Border Act,” without telling anyone. But that plan was exposed. So Pelosi had to appeal to the public.

Pelosi, 78, predictably tried to pitch her “package” of non-Wall bills to the Associated Press, because the clueless Democrats still think the mainstream media is an effective tool to create PR spin for their stupid objectives. It’s not. The American people hate the mainstream media. By the time news circulated of the Democrats’ bills, which they presumably still plan to pass on Thursday, the Republicans had already made them irrelevant.

The Democrats have no collateral in these negotiations. The mainstream media only has one narrative: Trump should be blamed for the shutdown. But here’s the thing: There’s no blame needed. They are the only ones who think a government shutdown is a bad thing, because everything they say is manufactured garbage talking points. Trump’s supporters want the shutdown to continue until we get a Wall. And even the “non-essential” government employees who aren’t getting paid for a while should be thankful to President Trump, because he is teaching them a lesson about how to improve their lives by making themselves more valuable to others. Why would anyone want to be known as “non-essential?” What a pathetic, undignified way to go through life. This is what the government system does to people. It beats them down.

President Trump is on a winning streak. Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney clearly knows what he’s doing — which is a welcome breath of fresh air from Reince Priebus, who is an establishment coward, John Kelly, who basically just tried to block Trump from having conversations with smart people and guard against him making any decisions, and Steve Bannon, who for some reason left out the fact that he told Jeff Sessions to recuse himself in the various books that he had people write about him. Jared Kushner, whose silly New York Observer ran a ridiculous hit piece trying to sandbag my excellent news website, should let Mick do his job without interfering too much, because Kushner has also been there from the beginning, during times when the White House was not exactly knocking it out of the park.

President Trump is a master once he learns how to hack the system, a wise man once told me. It seems like now is the time. Two years in, he is getting the hang of it. This government shutdown is an inspiring, galvanizing thing for his supporters. The only thing better would be a big magnificent Wall.

Trump has all the cards. He can close the entire southern border if he wants to. He can keep this shutdown going indefinitely. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer don’t know what to do. They think the fast-fading mainstream media will save them.

Chuck and Nancy have learned a pretty important lesson: Don’t underestimate President Donald J. Trump during deal-making time. Just hang on to your belongings and hope you make it out with some shred of dignity intact.

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