SHUTDOWN DAY 15: The National Emergency Option Can Work

President Donald Trump is prepared to declare a national emergency to quickly build the southern border Wall that Democrats in Congress are refusing to fund, holding out on the $5 billion that Trump needs to secure the border and protect the sovereignty of the United States.

“The idea that President Trump is considering declaring a phony national emergency as a pretext to take billions of dollars away from our troops and defense priorities in order to pay for his wall should alarm all Americans,” stated Democrat senator Jack Reed of the Armed Services Committee.

No, what should alarm all Americans is that criminal gangs are pouring over the border and seizing vast amounts of political and finance influence to do their nefarious business here on American soil. Known or suspected terrorists are apprehended on a daily basis trying to enter the United States, according to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Trump has stressed that the shutdown could go on for “years,” and why not? Is there anything more important than defining, for practical law-enforcement purposes and for the recognition of the world, that the United States of America is an actual country with actual borders?

Globalists think of America as a cog in a financial system in which we have very little power. They have penciled America into their system to fulfill a service function, to change money on foreign-assembled merchandise and allow our local economies to be outsourced.

No more.

President Trump is governed by a vision — some, including me, might say it’s a vision from Above. It is the idea that the United States of America will continue to be independent, will look out for our own interests, will not be manipulated by those who seek to exploit us, and will secure our people from those who wish to do us harm.

Since the media wants to talk about the “symbolism” of the Wall rather than discuss the MS-13 criminality that the Wall would block, let’s talk about that symbolism. Let’s talk about the message we are sending as Americans. It is the message of the American Revolution, which never ended and which must continuously evolve lest our efforts to build a Republic end up in vain.

The national emergency is upon us. All President Trump has to do is acknowledge it.