SHUTDOWN DAY 18: President Trump Addresses The American People

President Donald Trump is likely to declare a national emergency in his Oval Office address Tuesday night, which would allow him to use Department of Defense funds to build the southern border Wall to keep out criminal gangs and suspected terrorists. (READ: House Report Finds Suspected Terrorists in Migrant Caravans).

The mainstream networks will cover the address — after already antagonizing America by leaking their reluctance to air it, so lose-lose for them — and America will get to watch President Trump at this profoundly interesting moment in his presidency. He has been on an activist-minded America First rampage for only a few weeks, but it seems like much longer than that in Mulvaney years. Trump is a master when he figures out how to hack the system. Now he’s had two years. It’s time to shine.

America will get to see what Trump has become, how much he has grown, how much wiser and more spiritual and more confident he is now in his own ability to save the Republic from the sinister globalist takeover waiting malevolently in the wings. What will America make of him? What can we make, so far, of this presidency?

Trump is not like the other presidents. He wants so desperately, so genuinely, so purely to end the Endless Wars, even if John Bolton and Lindsey Graham are (let’s just be honest here) probably absolutely never going to let that happen.

Trump is not like the professional conservatives you find at CPAC, the ones who hate Trump and all of Trump’s supporters and are waiting angrily for Trump’s tenure to end so they can go back to fully implementing the Koch-approved system by which American jobs get outsourced, America’s borders get erased, and we all have to compete for gigs at Wal-Mart changing money on Chinese-assembled sneakers. Trump wants to get our money and our pride back. But, let’s just be honest here, he needs to win in 2020.

We find Trump to be, at this moment, a more dynamic version of the man I knew he could be when I first saw him speak: Moral, pragmatic, brave, determined, dismissive of the frauds and grifters who became so powerful in this country for so long because the American people were being denied the right to Wake Up.

Tonight, we meet the President Donald Trump that we all have been waiting for.

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