SHUTDOWN Day 6: President Trump on Offense As Congress Returns

President Donald Trump is sending the very clear message that he does not plan to re-open the federal government anytime soon, forcing Democrats to play ball in an increasingly one-sided standoff.

The Senate re-convenes at 4 pm Thursday afternoon but there are no votes expected, and some House members will also be meeting in Washington. A number of members are staying away in their districts, and thus require 24-hour notice of any votes, so don’t anticipate a vote today.

The members are probably going to be talking in hushed tones along the lines of “What do we do?” and “Is he seriously going to keep the government shut down?” And the answer would be yes, President Trump is going to keep the government shut down.

“Whatever it takes” he vowed Wednesday during his inspiring trip to Iraq to visit the troops. Mark Meadows, who has had recent conversations with the president, also told the nation to expect a bullish stance from Trump, with no re-opening of the government unless there is $5 billion in hand for the Border Wall.

Trump’s position is a lot stronger than it was on Christmas Eve, when the stock market was tanking due to the Federal Reserve vindictively raising interest rates yet again as part of a years-old bond selloff. The stock market bounced back strong the day after Christmas, spelling bad news for Chuck Schumer in these negotiations. The Dow dropped again Thursday, but it’s clear that Trump is not responsible for the back-and-forth swings of the market manipulators.

Trump is not plunging the nation into chaos, as the globalist mainstream media likes to claim. Much to the contrary, he is fighting against the chaos caused by criminal gangs including Ms-13 treating our Southern border like an imaginary line that can be easily criss-crossed. The border is seen as just a small and relatively unchallenging obstacle for cartels pushing heroin into the United States. The world laughs at our border security efforts. No longer.

President Trump is fighting for the safety of the country, and wonderfully he is not a career politician. He is in this position as a rookie politician, a career building tycoon who felt that he had no choice but to be president because the political establishment sadly is so corrupt from years of pay-to-play with special interests. Trump does not have to budge, he does not have to compromise.

President Donald Trump is the representative of the American people. And if you think the American people want to back down on the Wall and cave in to folks like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, then you are wrong. The American people want to fight. And so we fight vicariously through our representative, President Donald J. Trump.

Democrats are literally running from the Truth.

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