President Donald Trump’s refusal to back down on the Border Wall is inspiring confidence from his supporters around the country. The Senate, meanwhile, is adjourned until December 27, giving the American people a chance to spend time with their families on Christmas Day without the cloud of bloated unnecessary government salary spending hanging over their heads.

Capitol Hill observers on both sides of the aisle — the special-interest Establishment side and also the pro-Trump, pro-American people side — are in kind of a daze right now, marveling at the ferocity with which President Trump implanted his righteous agenda over the past week.

Pulling out of Syria, getting rid of General Mattis, passing prison reform, and shutting down the federal government after getting as close as we’ve ever gotten to a border Wall? Hallelujah!

The political class tries to “blame” Trump for the glorious shutdown, but the American people do not necessarily need someone to blame. Many Americans for years have wanted somebody to throw a wrench into the gears of the Washington machine, and for what better issue than border security? The ability to define our border is literally the fundamental right of a sovereign Republic, plus there are many practical reasons we should stop Ms-13 and criminal gangs from entering the country.

The Country is doing well, and Washington is pleasant and feeling a funky populist vibe for once.

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