SICK: B-List Actor Jim Carrey Releases New “Art” Depicting Trump Supporter Dying of Coronavirus

B-list actor Jim Carrey, who hasn’t appeared in a blockbuster film in decades, released a classless and sick drawing of a Donald Trump supporter dying of coronavirus on Monday.

Carrey released the sick art on his personal Twitter account.

Here’s the distasteful art:

As Hollywood Democrats attempt to blame Donald Trump for the deaths caused by coronavirus, Democratic Governors continue to gaslight over their own public health performance in containing the disease. New York and New Jersey, both governed by Democrats, have incurred the most deaths from the disease in the country, but that hasn’t prevented their governors from taking a curtain call for their supposed well administration of the situation.

Carrey has released classless and distasteful political art before, most recently depicting the governor of Alabama as an aborted fetus.

In his rush to blame Donald Trump and conservatives for their supposed indifference towards the virus, the elite Hollywood Democrat has forgotten to castigate Black Lives Matter race rioters who are determined to dangerously congregate in groups of thousands, a massive public health risk in terms of spreading the disease.

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