SICK: “Conservatives” At Lincoln Project Suggest Justice Thomas’ Wife Is In A Cult

The Biden-backing so-called “conservatives” at “The Lincoln Project” suggested that Ginni Thomas, who is married to United States Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is a cult member of the highest order in a social media post they made Thursday.

A post made by The Lincoln Project’s Twitter account featured a video of Ginni allegedly speaking at an event meant to assist former cult members back in 1989. The clip shows a woman who is ostensibly Ginni discussing her journey in both helping others and finding her own peace after she herself exited a cult called “Lifespring.”

“Ginni may want to revisit some of these questions,” The Lincoln Project snarkily wrote when sharing the aforementioned video.

Those interested in more background information on The Lincoln Project can check out a previous report by Big League Politics on a grooming scandal involving co-founder John Weaver.

“I knew Ginni Thomas. Ginni Thomas was in a cult (the large group awareness training cult, Lifespring),” wrote Steven Hassan, a self-described “renowned expert on cults and influence” who also has attempted to make a living selling books such as The Cult of Trump.

“Here she is in 1989 speaking at an event I hosted for former members. Until today, almost NO one has seen this video.”

Hassan continued his rant, explaining that Ginni Thomas worked in helping other former cult members after her own exit from the Lifespring group. He then became unhinged, accusing Thomas of once again going back to her cultist roots simply for supporting former President Donald Trump.

“Sadly, the people who helped deprogram Ginni were also apparently involved in right-wing causes,” whined Hassan. “As is the case with SO many former members, she was overly susceptible and went from one cult to another (The Cult of Trump).”

Hassan appears to be on a mission to further his message that Ginni Thomas is a former (and in his view once again current) cult member; the ‘cult expert’ posted a full clip of the 1989 anti-cult event on YouTube Thursday.

The crusade against the Ginni comes after a report last week released private text messages between herself and then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows discussing the 2020 election. Seemingly coordinated attacks upon the Thomas family by the media have followed nonstop thereafter, prompting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to publicly blast various calls for Thomas’ resignation as both “clumsy bullying” and “a coordinated effort to nullify the presence of Justice Clarence Thomas on the court.”

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