SICK: Consumerist Libertarians Pledge Fealty to Jeff Bezos for Seizing Power During COVID Nightmare

As Big Tech firms like Amazon take total control over the marketplace due to government restrictions, libertarian consumer drones are bowing to the “private” power of the corporate conglomerate founded by globalist Jeff Bezos.

Koch-funded scribbler Robby Soave, a senior editor for Reason Magazine, posted some groveling remarks in favor of the tech monolith:

Other kool aid drinkers rushed in to echo Soave’s sentiments:

Soave dismissed legitimate concerns about Amazon benefiting from government regulations without even attempting to offer a counter-argument.

However, the shills commenting on Soave’s post were far outnumbered by the individuals enraged by his obsequious remarks:

Big League Politics has highlighted Soave in the past as he has defended tech corporations against investigative journalism exposing their corrupt practices:

Reason Magazine editor and Beltway favorite Robby Soave joined the media blackout regarding revelations that Google is deliberately manipulating their algorithms to prevent President Donald Trump from attaining re-election in 2020.

Soave went on Twitter to throw shade at James O’Keefe, the award-winning Project Veritas founder who broke the story on Google’s corrupt practices yesterday…

Conservative voices who have been banished completely off of social media took to blasting Soave on their Telegram accounts.

“I’ve sent the above Soave tweet to three major donors to Reason who are personal friends of mine. This is going to cost them,” Milo Yiannopoulos wrote.

“‘Caught James O’Keefe’? It’s called ‘undercover journalism’ you total and utter f**king fool!” exclaimed Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes.

While it may be easy to attribute Soave’s asinine remarks to foolishness, there may be a more sinister motive afoot. The Koch Brothers, who order around Soave and his fellow fake news hacks at Reason Magazine, are actively facilitating Big Brother.

The Charles Koch Institute will be sending representatives to the second annual “After Charlottesville Project” in San Francisco, CA on July 17. The event, which is sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal, the Kresge Foundation and the Soros Fund Charitable Foundation, intends to exploit the tragedy of Charlottesville to push for even more Orwellian censorship.

While fake Koch-funded libertarians like Soave cheer on the Big Tech monopoly, real anti-establishment libertarians like Texas Congressman Ron Paul have their rights routinely violated by the tech giants.

Paul announced last month that YouTube “pulled an episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report and issued a ‘warning’ that any more violations will result in a temporary ban to put up more programs.”

“The episode was a news report on a Trump rally,” Paul said, calling the censorship against his independent media operation “very disturbing” and “blatant censorship.”

The episode targeted by YouTube was titled, ‘Fire Fauci! – Trump Rally Explodes Over Coronavirus Doom and Gloomer.’ Paul is being targeted because Big Brother is taking shape to protect the pharma-medical cartel from information damaging to the global vaccination agenda.

“Your content was removed due to a violation of our Community Guidelines,” YouTube stated, before letting Paul know, “You’re only warned once and this warning will remain on your channel.” The platform told Paul that he better fall in line or he might lose the ability to post videos.

In 2019, Ron Paul Institute executive director Daniel McAdams was permanently banned from Twitter:

Weak libertarians like Soave who pose no threat to the regime will be tolerated by Big Tech, which is why they praise their overlords. The only liberty they aim to protect is that of the ultra rich.

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