SICK: LA Forces Masks Once Again, Justifies Measure With Ridiculous Data

The Los Angeles COVID fascists are back at it again, with L.A. county health officials making the decision to once more force masks on Americans whether they like it or not.

The returning policy took effect last Saturday, with the tyrannical public health “experts” (otherwise known as wannabe politicians) justifying the measure with moral shaming and endless phony science. This comes as roughly 52% of LA County residents have been vaccinated for COVID-19, and applies to all county residents regardless of vaccination status.

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chair Hilda L. Solis said Sunday that restoring the mask mandate is “not punishment, but prevention”, claiming it necessary because of the new “delta variant.” Solis conveniently forgot to mention that the delta variant is significantly less deadly than many other strains.

“We’re up to almost 1,900 cases and over 460 individuals that are now in our ICU unit. This is very disturbing,” Solis told ABC “This Week” co-anchor Martha Raddatz. “As responsible elected officials, we have to do something, and in this case, the county has the ability to do that through our health order, through our health officer.”

Solis continued, making sure to instill fear in the viewers that hospitals could be at risk of overcrowding.

“We’re seeing that this transmission is so highly contagious that it will cost more in the long run if we have to see our hospitals being impacted, our ICU units, as well as our health care workers.”

I will give Solis one thing, she does a great job using numbers to fear-monger how dangerous this new, much less deadly COVID-19 strain is. How about we actually ‘follow the science’ for a moment here? Take a look at this graph below, obtained directly from LA County’s COVID-19 case tracking data.

See the short light blue bars circled in red on the far right? Those bars represent daily COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles during the month of July. Note that they simply indicate positive tests for COVID-19, not hospitalizations or deaths. Seems like there are just slightly fewer cases and deaths as compared to January of 2021, doesn’t it? That is the case spike which LA county health officials used to justify forcing masks on the American people once again.

But remember everybody, just “two weeks to slow the spread!”

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