SICK: Los Angeles Man Laughs, Jokes Around At Scene of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies Shooting

Video has emerged of a Los Angeles man laughing and joking around at the scene of an ambush shooting where two deputies of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department were shot in the head.

The man, who can be identified as Instagram user beno_thegreat(account since deactivated) laughs and jokes around while summarizing the shooting.

N**** just aired the police out! The police just got aired out! They bust on those n*****, crazy! Oh, they just got bust on!

Somebody bust on they a**! Two sheriffs shot in the face, they tripping! It’s going up in Compton!

Two deputies were shot in the face in an ambush, with a man walking up to a squad car and shooting them both at point blank in the head. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released video of the shooting on Saturday night, and are reportedly still working to apprehend a suspect.

The man can be seen at the place of the shooting in his Instagram story, just a short distance away from the squad car which the officers were shot in.

Black Lives Matter mobs also assailed the hospital the two shot officers were taken for treatment to, hoping to break in and make some sort of political statement and celebrate the crime.

This idiot acts as if he had just witnessed a locker room high school fight.


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