SICK: Major Conservative Inc. Writer Once Wrote Explicit Op/Ed Detailing Man-Boy Love Affairs

Chad Felix Greene, a LGBT activist whose content is regularly featured on prominent right-wing outlets, once wrote a detailed article about man-boy love before jumping aboard the Conservative Inc. gravy train.

Greene wrote an article in HuffPo back in 2017 titled, “What Happens When Men Have Sex with Teenage Boys.” Greene detailed a sexual encounter that he had with an adult homosexual predator when he was a child and how it left an impression on him that shaped his entire HIV+ life.

“I had sex with man as a teenager for the first time when I was 14,” Greene wrote.

“I remember believing as an adult he had authority over me even though I had no understanding of what he was doing. He engaged in sexual activity as I stood frozen, confused and afraid of anyone walking by and then left shortly after,” he wrote to explain the bizarre and perverse encounter.

After the initial experience, he ventured back to the library to engage in more disturbing intercourse with older men. Greene had been recruited into the gay lifestyle by an older predator and was hooked on degeneracy at a young age.

“I went back to the library again a few weeks later and this time I encountered what I thought was the most beautiful man I had ever seen… He guided me through various sexual activities and I remember how absolutely enthralled I was at the time with his every touch and look,” Greene wrote about his induction into the LGBT cult.

Greene described how he was brought into the homosexual lifestyle as a child, and it sent him into a downward spiral of reckless behavior that impacted his life negatively.

“The compulsion never left me and throughout my teen years I engaged in astonishingly reckless behavior in my attempts to both satisfy my sexual urges and my deep desire for love and acceptance from a man,” he wrote.

“At 15 I was standing outside, alone, in empty parking lots at 1AM waiting for complete strangers to pick me up for sex in their cars,” he added.

Greene admitted that man-boy love is extremely pervasive within the homosexual community, but claimed that he could never engage in this sort of behavior as an adult gay man.

“There is an uncomfortable truth here that I never had sex with anyone my own age as a teenager. Every single man was an adult who recognized my youth and chose to engage in sex anyway. As a 34 year old man today I cannot conceive of doing this with a teenager. I genuinely struggle to understand how it was possible at all,” he wrote.

To his credit, Greene denigrated these type of relationships as exploitative and called for LGBT leaders to stand up against them.

“This is an issue of gay men abusing young men seeking a great many things in an extremely vulnerable state. These adult men are not guiding, helping, freeing or allowing these teen boys to explore who they are. They are abusing them,” Greene wrote.

“The LGBT media, leaders and all organizations must take a stand against adult-teen relationships and firmly stand on the side of protecting young gay people as a part of their overall concept of outreach,” he added.

Greene now writes for The Federalist and The Post Millennial and self-identifies as non-binary and transgender. Although he rejects some of the more extreme degeneracy of the LGBT movement, he is still attempting to mainstream its acceptance within conservatism.

With LGBT activists like Greene permitted by the big money apparatus to masquerade as right-wing, conservatives will be fighting to preserve drag queen story hour and child gender transitions in no time.

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