SICK: Male Feminist Tech Reporter Found Guilty Of Luring a Child

A former tech reporter for Ars Technica who identified as a ‘male feminist ally’ was convicted on one account of attempted child enticement on Wednesday.

Peter Bright communicated with an undercover FBI agent who was posing as the mother of a 7-year old girl and 9-year old boy on an online fetish app. Bright agreed to engage in sexual activity with the children.

He went on to meet with the undercover agent at a New York City park in order to travel to the supposed mother’s residence and have sex with the two prepubescent children. Bright was arrested by the FBI en route to the planned location of his sex crime.

The tech journalist also told the undercover FBI agent that he had previously abused an 11-year old girl, framing his perversion as some kind of twisted sexual education.

Bright has been convicted of  one count of attempted enticement of a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity. His punishment will range between ten years in prison, and a life sentence.

On Bright’s active Twitter page, he identifies as “Poly/pan/pervy. He/Him.

Bright had been known for his feminist commentary on his Twitter page, where he frequently condemned 2015’s GamerGate movement

In this most revealing tweet on his page, the now-convicted child sex offender expressed his disagreement with “age-based rape laws.”

When someone shows you who they are, the best thing to do is to believe them.

Another beauty:

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